Friday, December 11, 2015

VANILLA PANACOTTA With Strawberry sauce - An Easy Italian Dessert

                 Pana cotta is an Italian  dessert of thick  sweetened cream with china grass (agar- agar) and then molded  . Mainly it is served  along with sauce of chocolate or strawberry or any other. The combination of rich creamy  Pana cotta  with the tangy and  sweet strawberry sauce  is a perfect match. Sure, it will be a wonderful dessert, that you can make with a very little effort. Here is the easy and simple recipe for Vanilla Pana cotta or simply Pana cotta...Enjoyy!!!!!!!!

                      INGREDIENTS ( servings - 4 small cups)

for pana cotta
Milk                                  - 1 cup
Heavy Whipping cream   -  1 cup
Agar - agar                      - 4 gms
Sugar                               - 6 tbsp ( can add more or less)
Vanilla essence                - 1 tsp
Sweetened condensed milk- 3 tbsp (optional)

for strawberry sauce
Strawberry                        - 15 nos 
Sugar                                 -  6 tbsp ( adjust per taste)
Water                                 - 3 tbsp


  • Add milk , whipping cream, condensed milk and sugar in a vessel and combine well.
  • Now turn on the flame to medium and heat it until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is just about to start boiling. Heat for another few minutes in a very low flame, mixing constantly and turn off the flame. Do not ever boil it or heat it for long time , but should be heated and mixed up well. 
  • Now strain it to a bowl , add vanilla essence and set aside.
  • Mean while prepare china grass by Soaking it in cold water for few minutes and then cook over a slow flame until it dissolves to a clear liquid .
  • Pour it using strainer to the prepared mixture and combine very well.
  • Now keep the glass in a slightly angled position, as in the picture.
  • Pour half the cup with the panacotta mixture.
  • Refrigerate until the pano cotta sets.  Keep at least for 2 hours , preferably overnight.
  • Next to make strawberry sauce. For that chop the berries  and add it to a vessel along with sugar and water. Bring to boil. When done turn off the flame and allow it to cool.
  • Blend it to a  smooth paste  using mixie and strain it to a bowl.
  • Refrigerate until chill.  Do not use immediately.
  • Before serving , pour the chilled strawberry sauce  into the empty space and serve upright.

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