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                      Panna cotta is one of the traditional Italian  desserts of thick  sweetened cream with Gelatin or china grass (agar- agar) and then molded  . Pannacotta means cooked cream in Italian language. The cream will be flavored with rum, coffee, vanilla or any such flavorings. Mainly it is garnished with  chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce or any other. Pannacotta with chocolate sauce results in a yummy creamy dessert that goes well after meals. . This is a perfect dessert for entertaining kids as they are chocolate lovers. Here is the easy and simple recipe for Panna cotta  with chocolate sauce or simply Panna cotta recipe...Lets see how to make Italian dessert recipes /easy Italian desserts recipe for kids / Panna cotta / simple dessert recipe. Enjoyy!!!!!!!!

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INGREDIENTS ( servings - 4 small cups)

for pannacotta

Milk                                  - 1 cup
Heavy Whipping cream   -  1 cup
Agar - agar                      - 4 gm(can use gelatin instead)
Sugar                               - 6 tbsp ( can add more or less)
Vanilla essence                - 1 tsp
Sweetened condensed milk- 3 tbsp (optional)

for chocolate sauce

Cocoa powder                  - 6 tsp
Milk                                  - 2 tbsp
Sugar ( if cocoa powder is unsweetened) -4 tbsp
Coconut oil                       - 2 tbsp


  • Add milk , whipping cream, condensed milk and sugar in a vessel and combine well.
  • Now turn on the flame to medium and heat it until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is just about to start boiling. Heat for another few minutes in a very low flame, mixing constantly and turn off the flame. Do not ever boil it or heat it for long time , but should be heated and mixed up well. 
  • Now strain it to a bowl , add vanilla essence and set aside.
  • Mean while prepare china grass by Soaking it in cold water for few minutes and then cook over a slow flame until it dissolves to a clear liquid .
  • Pour it using strainer to the prepared mixture and combine very well.
  • Pour it to glass cups or any molds.
  • Refrigerate until the panna cotta sets.  Keep at least for 2 hours.
  • Once  the panna cotta sets, the next step is to prepare chocolate sauce.
  • Grind together all those ingredients given above in a grinder to a smooth thick paste.
  • Transfer it to a bowl and mix well. Chocolate sauce is ready.
  • Gently flip the prepared pannacotta to a plate and Pour the chocolate sauce over the pannacotta and serve immediately.

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