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We always love some alternative ways,  to get an easy dinner on table . Yes we do. If it is like some chicken nuggets or chicken popcorn along with some dipping sauce, just can't imagine that beautiful smiles of my foodie family. Here am with a healthy chicken nuggets recipe that can attract a crowd.  Chicken nuggets, a snack / dinner meal which is all time favorite for both kids and adults too.  But if it is store bought frozen nuggets, it is unhealthy . Once u try this healthy chicken nuggets for kids  at home, it will be hard to go back to store bought nuggets. With only few ingredients, lets see how can we prepare home made tasty, crispy, soft chicken nuggets. Here is the recipe showing how to make chicken nuggets/ the best chicken nuggets recipe / the best chicken nuggets for toddlers.  Enjoy!!
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Chicken(skinless)     - 2 breast pieces,cut into 11/2 inch pieces
Soy sauce                 - 2 tsp
Egg                          - 1
Milk                         - 2 tbsp
Cornflour                - half a cup
Bread crumbs         - 1 cup


  • Marinate the chicken cubes (11/2  inch pieces) with soy sauce and salt. Keep refrigerated for at least 10 minutes (preferably 30 minutes).
  • Whisk egg, milk and a pinch of salt in a bowl and set aside.
  • Likewise, transfer the cornflour and bread crumbs into separate bowls and set aside.
  • Now take the marinated chicken pieces out and coat each piece well in cornflour and when done set aside.
  • Then dip,  each cornflour coated pieces in egg batter and roll in breadcrumbs, again in egg batter, and a final touch with breadcrumbs. Set aside. For best results, keep refrigerated for 10 minutes.Repeat with the remaining pieces of chicken.
  • Now heat oil in a pan, when hot make the flame to medium-low.
  • Deep fry the breaded nuggets in batches (4-5 pieces at a time). You should be very careful that do not fry in high flame and stir continuously while frying. So that the chicken will be cooked well without burning the outer crumbs.
  • When done transfer to a bowl and serve hot with tomato sauce.
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