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 Mutton biriyani is a tasty biriyani prepared with lamb. This delicious rice recipe is an all-time favourite of everyone in Kerala. I am sharing the Malabar style mutton biriyani recipe. There is a special aroma when we open the dum of a biriyani which is a huge part of our memories. I am sure you will love this mouth-watering rice recipe.

Mutton dum biryani


  • Mutton - 1 kg

  • Small rice - 4 cups (UTC or Kaima or Joker rice)

  • Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

  • Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

  • Crystal salt 

  • Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp 

  • Onion - 5 nos

  • Fennel seed - 1 tsp

  • Green chilli - 3

  • Curry leaves

  • Tomato(small) - 3 nos

  • Mint and coriander leaves

  • Curd - 1 cup

  • Turmeric powder - half tsp


  • Ghee - 2 tbsp

  • Whole spices 

  • Cashew nuts

  • Raisins

  • Mint and coriander leaves

  • Sunflower oil - 4 tbsp

Kalyana veedu mutton dum biryani
Kalyana veedu mutton dum biryani


Chop the mutton into big pieces and add it to the pressure cooker. Add turmeric powder, pepper powder, ginger garlic paste and some crystal salt. Don’t pour water as there will be water in the meat. Pressure cook this until 80% of it is cooked. The cooking time depends on the mutton. For young mutton, only 1 whistle is needed. For some muttons, 3 whistles will be needed. To check if the mutton is cooked, pinch the mutton and eat a tiny piece of it.

Heat sunflower oil or coconut oil in a pan. Sauté fennel seeds, green chillies, curry leaves. After sauteing them, sauté sliced onions. Add some salt. When onion is sauteed, sauté ginger garlic paste and sliced tomatoes. After sauteing them, close the pan. After the masala is cooked, sauté some turmeric powder, chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves. When they soften, add some curd. When this is cooked, add mutton and its water to the pan. Mix well. If this mix is not sour, add more curd. Close the pan and cook the mutton in this masala for 20 minutes. 

Boil water for cooking the rice. When the water boils, add biriyani kaitha leaves to it. Add enough salt and some oil. Add the rice to the boiled water and cook it. When the rice is cooked, drain it.

Melt ghee in a pan and add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds, coriander leaves, mint leaves, carrots, raisins and cashew nuts.


Add a layer of rice over the masala. Add a layer of the sautéed spices over it. Add another layer of rice over it. Add another layer of sautéed spices. Pour some oil on top of this. Maintain the dum over a low flame for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the flame and let it rest for another 30 minutes. Open the pan after this only.

The mutton biriyani is ready. 

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 Idli and chutney is a nostalgic breakfast for South Indians. Idli is a soft, round dish made with rice. The texture of idli is similar to cake and is best taken with spicy or sour chutneys. I have shared the recipe for idli and two chutneys. These are special recipes that are held close to the heart of South Indians. This is a healthy, tasty breakfast that will be loved by everyone.

Soft idli



·        Raw rice/Idli rice – 2 cups

·        Black gram (Vigna mungo) – ¾ cup

·        Fenugreek – 2 tsp

·        Boiled rice – ¼ cup

Red chutney

·        Coconut oil

·        Tomatoes – 2 nos

·        Garlic – 3-4 nos

·        Dried chillies – 4 nos

·        Salt

·        Kashmiri chilli powder

White chutney

·        Grated coconut

·        Green chillies

·        Coriander leaves

·        Curry leaves

soft idli recipe



Soak the washed rice in a bowl of water and the washed black gram and fenugreek in another bowl for 4 hours.

After 4 hours, add the soaked rice and water used for soaking fenugreek and black gram to the blender jar. Pour some more water and blend them into a paste. Add the boiled rice to this and blend them. Move this batter to a big bowl. Blend soaked fenugreek and black gram with some water. We don’t need the paste to be fine. Add the black gram and fenugreek paste to the rice batter. Pour some water and add some salt. Mix the batter using your palms. Keep this outside for 8-10 hours.

Boil some water in the idli steamer. Grease the idli thattu with oil and pour the batter to each of them. Cook it for 5-6 minutes. The idlis are ready.

Tomato chutney

Heat some coconut oil in a pan. Sauté the chopped tomatoes, garlic, dried chilies until the tomatoes soften. Add enough salt and Kashmiri chili powder. Sauté well. When this cools down, blend it with some water.

Heat coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds. Add some curry leaves. Add the blended mix to this. Remove the flame when the chutney simmers. Add some salt. The red chutney is ready.

Red tomato chutney

White chutney

Blend grated coconut, green chilies, coriander leaves, curry leaves with some water.

Heat coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds. Add some curry leaves. Add the blended mix to this. Remove the flame when the chutney simmers. Add some salt. The white chutney is ready.

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