Friday, December 18, 2015


               Fruit custard is an easy, tasty and relatively healthy dessert . More over this is one of the easiest custard powder recipe too. The consistency of this fruit custard can be thick or thin. This is one of the lovely dessert that i always prefer to serve to my friends and guests . I used to add my favorite fruits along with some dried fruits and nuts that makes this dessert more richer  and healthy too. So lets see how to make tasty fruit salad with custard powder or easy fruit custard recipe. 

INGREDIENTS (servings - 4 cups)
Fruits                                   - chop into fine pieces  ( u can use your                                              favorite fruits for the same ) 
Plantain/ banana                  - 2 medium sized
Pomegranate                        - half of one
Apple                                    - 1
Grapes                                 - half a cup
Strawberry                           - 5 nos
Mango                                  - 1, small
Sweetened condensed milk   - 5 tbsp
Milk                                      - 1 large cup
Custard powder                   - 2 tsp
Sugar                                   - 4 tbsp ( can add more or less)
Cashews, pistachios, almond - for garnishing


  • Bring to boil the milk and add sugar in a large bottomed vessel. Mean while mix the custard powder with 3 tbsp cold milk and make a paste. 
  • Add it to the boiling milk and stir it continuously without any lumps.
  • When it starts to thicken, remove from flame.
  • Set aside to cool.
  • Now mix together  the finely chopped fruits with the sweetened condensed milk.
  • Pour the cooled custard cream to it and mix well with the fruits.
  • Chill for 2 hours for best result.
  • While serving, garnish with some chopped fruits and nuts.


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