Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Layered coconut burfi
Royal fruit salad

No oven Pineapple upside down cake
Avil milk shake


Swizz roll ice cream cake

Ice cream sandwich

Tender coconut water pudding

Burj al arab

Mango cheese cake cups

Bamboo rice kheer

Basbousa / semolina cake

Mango falooda

Avocado pudding

Black forest cake without oven
Rice balls in coconut milk / paal kozhukatta

Moist vanilla cake

Marble pudding

Fruit smoothie pudding

Fruit nuts pudding / tricolored

Papaya pudding

Apple Fudge / peda


Semolina sweet / kheer

Pineapple kheer

Chocoflan cake / cream caramel cake

Marbled brownie

Vermicelli banana cake - no bake

Oreo chocolate shots

Vermicelli sweet / kheer

Chocolate and biscuit layer pudding

Chocolate mousse

Carrot pudding

Raffaello candy / coconut laddoo

Milk fudge/ peda

Carrot cake without oven

No bake oreo choolate tart

Simple Coconut pudding

1 comment:

Dominick said...

I think you are a big sweet lover. Because I didn't see this kind of variety of dessert yet in my life. It just looks like a buffet of dessert. As you love sweets that's why I want to suggest you try some baklava with pistachio because this dessert is also very unique. Not everywhere you can get this real dessert. Only a few of Dubai's sweet shops provide this dessert.