May 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016


Ramadan is very close. So lets make some snack today. This snack is very popular in South India and can be seen in most of the tea stalls which is served as an evening snack. There are different varieties of bajji namely onion bajji, potato bajji, cauliflower bajji, vazhakka or raw banana bajji and like so.  Banana pepper fritters, Milagai bajji, Mirchi bajji, Chillos, Peri bites, Poppers, Mulagu bajji, Chilli bajji are some of its names. I love to enjoy hot chilly bhaji with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup and savor with a nice cup of tea. When i was in Kerala, i often eat it from tea stalls. 
You must note some important things before making this bajji. The chili used for this bajji is banana pepper or bhaji mulak or any chilli which is mildly spiced . More over you can also reduce the spiciness of bajji by deseed it and soaking it in hot salt water for few minutes. This bajji must be deep fried and the batter must be thick enough to coat on the chilly.  You can also stuff this peppers with chicken fillings, veg fillings or simply mashed potato. Anyway even without any stuffing,  it tastes yummy and crispy. Here is the recipe showing how to make chillos / mulaku bajji / peri peri bites.


Banana peppers / bajji mulaku  - 10 nos (you can use any less hot long chilies for making this bajji)
Gram flour / besan /kadala mavu  - 1 cup
Rice flour                                      - 3 tbsp (optional, for more crispiness)
Chili powder                                 - 2 tsp
Asafoetida / hing/ kaayam            - half tsp
Baking powder                              - a pinch


  • Bring 2 cups of water to boil. Add salt when boiled. Remove from flame and soak the chilies in this hot water for few minutes. This is to make the chilies soft and reduce the heat of chilies. If your chilies are more heat, then dessed it and then soak. As i used mildly spiced chilies, i soaked it before deseeding.
  • Drain the water and set aside.
  • When done, slit  open peppers and deseed it.
  • Add all the ingredients except oil and peppers in a bowl.
  • Combine it well by adding water slowly and make a thick batter. The batter must be thick to coat on the peppers. But it should not be too thick or too thin.
  • Heat oil in a deep bottomed wok.
  • Dip each peppers in batter one by one, filling the open and coat it well. 
  • Drop the pepper in hot oil and fry both the sides until golden.
  • The flame must be medium low only.
  • Serve hot with mint chutney or ketchup.


Papaya is a great fruit with relatively low in calories, making it a good choice for those looking to lose weight. Adding papayas to your morning smoothies is the best way to lose weight. We also use this fruit in a fruit salad for an evening snack or can make fruit salsa / papaya shake / papaya juice recipe . Any way we have got lots and lots of variety recipes with papaya fruit. But here am gonna share the most simple and healthy recipe with papaya. Try this healthy smoothie recipes / fruit smoothie recipe. So lets learn how to make papaya smoothie recipe.


Papaya                                                - cubed, 1 cup
Milk ( chilled)                                     -  half a cup
Sugar                                                  - 2 tbsp or more
Milk maid(condensed milk)                - 2 tbsp or more or can add ice cream


  • Peel the skin of half a papaya and remove its seeds. And then chop it.
  • Blend it  along milk, sugar and milkmaid or a scoop of ice cream until smooth.
  • Have it chill..


Sapodilla juice / milkshake is a very smooth, value for money juice recipe ever. This fruit has different names like sapote, noseberry, sapodilla plum, chico  sapote, chikkoo and so. So today lets learn to make this simple quick easy sapote juice or milkshake recipe.


Chikoo / sapote,ripe                             - 5 nos
Milk ( cold)                                           - 1 cup
Vanilla ice cream                                  - 1 scoop + 1 scoop(garnish)
Sugar                                                     - 3 tbsp or more
Crushed ice                                           - half a cup
Chikoo/ sapote chunks for garnishing


  • Remove the skin of chikoo properly and cut the fruit in quarters. Remove the seeds.
  • Blend it with 1 cup of milk, sugar and a scoop of ice cream until smooth.
  • Then add the  crushed ice and pulse for few seconds and pour it into glasses.
  • Top it with a scoop of ice cream and sapote chunks.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Lets see today how to make the best oven baked Tandoori chicken at home. Tandoori Chicken or Tandoori Murgh is a spicy, juicy, soft with all flavours of spices infused. Tandoori chicken has its origin in India but, widely popular in South Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle east and the western world. It is traditionally prepared in a clay oven called tandoor, and so this dish named as Tandoori chicken. Here the chicken is marinated in yogurt and tandoori masala (special spice powder for preparing this dish which is available in market too) and cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor.  For a smoky flavor, it is also heated by charcoal or wood. As the unavailability of such tandoor at home, we can also prepare this delicious dish in oven or grill or even on stove top, with some minor changes. 
Tandoori chicken is used as a base in many chicken curries, specially in middle eastern restaurants, they used this chicken in butter chicken. The fame tandoori chicken led to many derivatives such as chicken tikka (Indian dish popularised in Britain) commonly found in menus in Indian restaurants all over the world.
Try out this perfect no fail recipe showing how to make tandoori chicken at home in an oven with step by step pics.  Recipe courtesy ..VAHCHEF.


Chicken                     - 6 big pieces (normally used legs with thigh part or simply legs for making tandoori chicken)
Lemon juice               - 1 tbsp
Coriander powder      - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder        - 1 tsp
Red chili powder         - 1 tsp
Pepper powder             - 1 tsp
Garam masala powder  - 1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste        - 1 tsp
Cumin seed powder       - 1 tsp
Kasuri methi crushed     - 1 tsp
Yogurt                             - 6 tbsp (1 tbsp for each piece)
Oil                                   - 2 tbsp
Red food color                 - few drops (optional),( my coloring tip -- grated pureed beetroot cooked with little water for few minutes and then added few drops  in my marinade )really it turns out great and healthy too.


  • Clean the chicken pieces well and pat dry. Make slits on each pieces.
  • Apply salt, lemon juice and chilly powder all over the chicken and inside each slits. And keep in freezer for 10 - 15 minutes or can set aside also.
  • Meanwhile make a thick smooth paste with all other ingredients (can blend in a grinder) except oil and marinate the chicken pieces with this marinade. Make sure to apply in between all slits. Finally apply oil and mix well. Let it refrigerated for 2 hours or at least half an hour.
  • Preheat oven to 200 degree C (it depends on the oven used). Place the chicken pieces on the grill (apply some oil on the grill) and keep a baking tray below the grill so that the gravy or the water from chicken will be stored in that tray only.
  • Cook for 20 minutes or until the chicken becomes tender and golden. Now flip the chicken and spread some oil on the top. Again cook for another 20 minutes or until it get cooked well.
  • Remove from oven and serve as such or for a smoky flavor u can heat up a pan with 1 tsp oil or butter and toss this baked chicken on a high flame both the sides. This makes the chicken looks yummy and perfect same like restaurant style.
  • Serve along with lime wedges or slices and garlic paste.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Avocado is a creamy high protein rich fruit which adds texture to any meal. This fruit is also known as butter fruit. Addition of this fruit is  great  to any healthy recipes. Such avocado dessert recipes is perfect when you need something sweet especially after your lunch meal. I prefer having some yummy creamy less sweet pudding recipes, which is easy to whip.  This creamy smooth yummy avocado pudding recipe is really a new twist to dessert recipes. This is a rich treat and enjoy this delicious dessert mindfully. So lets see how to make avocado pudding or quick dessert / avocado pudding vegan .

Healthy avocado pudding recipe or dessert recipe easy to make dessert recipe vegan


Avocado / butter fruit           - 1, medium sized
Sweetened condensed milk   - 5 tbsp
Sugar                                    - 3 tbsp (or as per requirements )
China grass / agar agar       -  3 gm (as the pudding tray i used is small sized. so use according to the size of the tray and the quantity of avocado used)
Milk                                      - 1 cup
Almonds and pistachios for decoration


  • Cut the avocado in the center and remove the seed of avocado. Scoop the flesh discarding the skin and blend its flesh alone to a fine paste in a blender without adding water.
  • Soak the china grass / agar agar  in cold water for few minutes and then cook over a slow flame until it dissolves to a clear liquid.
  • Meanwhile boil the milk in a vessel and once boiled, add the creamy avocado paste along with sugar.
  • Stir continuously.
  • Then add the condensed milk and mix well without any lumps.
  • Now transfer it to a bowl through a strainer. This is to avoid lumps if any. 
  • Now pour the melted china grass to the milk mixture stirring continuously and  mix well. 
  • Pour it to the pudding tray and  once cooled, refrigerate it until sets. I used silicon molds for this pudding recipe. 
  • Decorate with chopped almonds and sliced pistachios.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Lets have some refreshing Indian drink or dessert today. Falooda is very popular among most of the Indians and has a special place among Desserts in restaurant menu card. Though i love to have some sweets after my meal, the names like royal falooda, rose falooda, Phirni falooda compels me to order one .  So lets learn the recipe of mango falooda today.  
Mango Falooda is the perfect summer dessert with mango and the basic falooda ingredients like rose syrup, falooda seev , vermicelli and sabja / basil seed and ice cream. It is equally popular in India as well as countries around the world. The origin of faluda is basically from Persia, and this dessert came to India along with the muslim merchants that settled in India from Persia. It is very similar to the thai drink Manglak.
Lets come to the recipe. All u need for mango falooda is some mango puree, chopped mangoes and some other fruits, rose syrup (which gives a fine fragrance and flavor), mango ice cream or normal ice cream, sabja seed , milk, milkmaid and falooda sev or vermicelli. Here is the recipe showing how to make yummy delicious Mango falooda.

INGREDIENTS (For 2 medium cups)

Mango puree                                          - half a cup
Mango chopped                                     - half a cup
Mixed fruits chopped                            - half a cup
Rose syrup                                             - few drops
Milk                                                       - 1 cup, chilled
Condensed milk (milkmaid sweetened)-  3 tbsp
Subja seed / basil seed / kuskus             - 2 tsp in half a cup of water
Falooda sev / vermicelli                         - here half a cup vermicelli is used. If u are using sev, then take 3 tbsp and cook as per instructions
Sugar                                                       - as per required
Ice cream                                                 - 2 scoops, i used mango ice cream 


  • Firstly set everything ready. So chop the mango (1 mango)and blend it well without adding water and sugar. So puree ready.
  • Now blend chilled milk and sugar (as per sweet). When done add the milkmaid and mango puree to it and mix well. The consistency must be same like that of a smoothie. 
  • Then prepare the falooda sev or vermicelli by boiling them in water until they are cooked. Rinse them in tap water and drain using strainer. Let it cool to room temperature.
  • Soak the subja or basil seed in water for 10 minutes or less. Later strain them with a strainer. Set aside.
  • Add few drops (3 drops) of rose syrup in a bowl and mix it with 1 tbsp of water . Set aside.
  • Now the assembling of falooda.
  • In a serving glass, add few drops of prepared rose syrup.
  • Then add  1 tbsp of falooda sev or vermicelli cooked .
  • Then add 1 tbsp of soaked subja seed / basil seed.
  • Now add some chopped fruits.
  • Now pour the prepared mango milk mixture.
  • Repeat the layers again.
  • And finally top it with a scoop of ice cream, chopped mangoes and some nuts for garnishing.
  • Serve mango falooda immediately.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chicken Lollipop Recipe by Ayesha's Kitchen

Chicken Lollipop Recipe
Today let me share an Indian Chinese cuisine which is a very popular starter recipe. Chicken lollipop, a hot and spicy appetizer made of chicken wings. A platter of chicken lollipop with spicy szhechwan sauce or garlic paste is quite enough to make kids party great. It is loved by kids of all ages. Not only kids, me too love having this spicy juicy lollipops while watching tv or as an evening snack. My kids always need chicken in various shapes and names like chicken lollipop, chicken popcorn, nuggets, tikka, chicken balls like so. They dislikes eating chicken from gravies or curries or even from any chinese dishes like chicken chili, garlic chicken, ginger chicken and like so.
Chicken wings / buffalo chicken wings are very popular in America(US) as a top bar food. They are usually deep fried and then doused in some hot sauce in the same shape. I used to buy store bought lollipops for making chicken lollipop. But me too decided to make my own lollipop with chicken wings. And this makes me more satisfying than store bought lollipops. Chicken wings has 2 parts "drumette and wingette''. Iam here using wingette to make chicken lollipop.  Do try this way and make home made lollipops for your kids and family. So lets see how to make chicken lollipop from chicken wings. Enjoy cooking.


Chicken wings                            - 8 nos
Oil                                               - for deep frying


Ginger garlic paste                       - 1 tbsp
Red chilli paste or red chilli powder         -  1 tbsp (soak dried chili in water and then drained, grind to a paste for chilli paste)
Turmeric powder                            - half tsp
Coriander powder                           - 1 tbsp
Pepper powder                                - half tsp
Vinegar                                            - 2 tsp
All purpose flour                             - 2 tbsp
Corn flour                                         - 2 tbsp


 You can make lollipops with drumette and wingette parts of chicken wings. Its simple to make drumette lollipop. But with wingette you need some experience... 
Take the wingette part as shown in first image.
Cut off the end part using a sharp knife.
Now u can see two bones just run the knife and separate the bones.
Scrap the whole meat from the two bones and push towards the bottom
Slowly remove the thinner smaller bone by twisting it slowly.
Do check these images given below for more. 
So lollipop ready. Don't worry, am sure you will become an  expert, once you make your own lollipops from wings.


  • Marinate the cleaned chicken lollipops with the marinating ingredients except all purpose flour and cornflour. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  • Now mix together all purpose flour(maida) and corn flour in a bowl. Coat the marinated lollipops with this flour well.
  • Heat oil in a kadai or wok. Once hot, drop the chicken in hot oil and deep fry it until golden and crispy on a medium flame.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Tornado potato fries!!!!  Did u seen that spiral cut potatoes that is skewered, deep fried and displayed in malls or shopping centers? Those potato spirals are named as Tornado fries. Its the street food treat found in SEOUL - South Korea. It is also a very common and popular street food treat in UK, US, UAE etc..When your craving for potato chips, try this spiral potato recipe at home instead of store bought chips. I always wonder how this potatoes are beautifully skewered in spirals. Thought it might be of continuous experience. No, it is not. The potatoes are cut with a custom spiral cutter / potato slicer machine which gives the perfect spiral shape. As i did not have one at home, i resorted to the manual way of cutting using a thin sharp knife. Ha ha..its soo simple. Even i made it in my first attempt though the spirals wasn't  so thin . But it tastes yummy and lovely with soft and crispy texture. Here i used big potatoes instead of small. Actually small potatoes are better for making spirals than the large ones. And you bake it instead of deep frying. Hope the baked recipe is healthier than the deep fried and will share the recipe soon. Here is the recipe showing how to make potato spirals or tornado fries at home.

kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer

ayeshas kitchen kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer

kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer quick snack for party

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INGREDIENTS (for 2 Tornado fries)

Medium/ small sized potatoes            - 2 nos

Bamboo skewers                                 - 2
Chili powder                                        - for seasoning only
Pepper powder                                     - for seasoning only
Oregano                                                - optional, but it tastes good
Salt                                                        - for seasoning only
Oil                                                         - for deep frying


  • For making a crispier potato spirals, peel the potato and dip it in ice cold water for 15 minutes. Then pat dry and apply little oil all over the potato and keep it refrigerated for another 15 minutes for best result. If you skip this, don't worry. This only for the perfect texture.
  • Now place greased whole potato (small potatoes are easy to handle) on a tray and insert a skewer into the potato from one end. Gently push the skewer all the way through it.
  • Hold a sharp thin knife and cut the potato in the opposite direction you are turning the potato. That means cut with knife from one end slightly in an angle and then rotate the potato until the knife reaches the other end, cutting continuously.
  • Gently pull out the potato until you have an even gap in between the slices. I just make small gaps as my potatoes are big enough. So try to use small potatoes.
  • Season the potatoes by mixing the spices together and then sprinkling over the spirals.
  • Finally deep fry it. Serve immediately.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Pakoda in 15 minutes??..Some might be thinking how it is possible. Yes it is true and is possible. There is no need of baking powder or no need of keeping the batter for long hours.  Trust me, its too simple and tasty. Just heat a wok with oil first, wash cut and  mix the ingredients to a required consistency and then drizzle the batter in medium hot oil. You will get a fluffy, crispy soft pakoras for sure. Crispy crunchy soft pakoras is always a mouthwatering spicy snack savour with a nice cup of tea or coffee. 
Pakoda, which is also called pakora, pakodi, ponako, is a fried snack originated in India. Pakoras are basically Indian  fritters made with gram flour. It is used as a starter snack in most of the Indian parties.  And is one of the popular Ramadan snack too.  Due to its ease in preparation, pakoras / pakoda has become a common ifthar snack during Ramadan.  It goes well with imli chutney or spicy tomato chutney. But i love to have with tomato ketchup only. There are lots and lots of varieties in pakoda like onion pakoda, potato pakoda, veg pakoda, cabbage pakoda, chicken pakora, fish pakora, paneer pakoda and so on. 
Here is the recipe showing how to make Instant pakoda .Do try and enjoy cooking.


Gram flour / Besan         - 1 cup
Onion                              - 1, small, chopped
Green chilies                   - 2, chopped finely
Coriander leaves              - quarter a cup , chopped finely
Curry leaves                     - few, chopped
Chili powder                     - half tsp, can add more 
Salt                                    - add less salt only


  • Firstly, heat a deep bottomed wok and add oil. Keep the flame to medium. Meanwhile make the batter ready.
  • Take a bowl and add the chopped onion, chilies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, chili powder. Crush it well with hands and add salt. Always add less salt to snacks. 
  • Now add the gram flour / besan to this mixture and mix it well with your hand along with some water. The consistency must not be too thick or too thin. It should be thinner than idly batter. Check the picture for the consistency.
  • Now the next step is very important. Make sure that the oil is medium hot. Either you can take a small spoon for dropping the batter to the hot oil. Or just as i do, scoop the batter with your hand and drizzle or sprinkle the batter to the hot oil with your fingers. You can then see the batter is fluffing up in the hot oil immediately. 
  • Saute it continuously with a spatula and when it become golden and crispy, transfer it to a plate.
  • Serve hot with green tomato chutney or imli chutney or tomato ketchup.


Chicken tikka kebab is one of the most popular starter recipe in India. So today lets see how to make chicken tikka kababs in oven or on a grill. Tikka means bits, pieces or chunks. Chicken tikka kebab is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken marinated with curd / yogurt and fresh spices and then baked using skewers in a clay based oven called Tandoor. This is normally served as a non veg starter like chicken lollipop. Or can also used as a main course as chicken tikka maslala gravy. Paneer tikka kebab is another such delicious veg starter which is prepared the same way.
 Kebab (American kabob) is a word originated in middle east which is a common dish consisting of skewer with small pieces of meat or seafood together with vegetables like baby potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. It is also known as Shish kebab (Turkish word)or Shashik. Kebabs are cooked at home and restaurant on a grill or barbeque (bbq). This term also used to describe any similar looking skewered food such as brochette, satay, souvlaki, etc..
Here is the recipe for Chicken tikka kebab. So do try and enjoy this delicious chicken tikka kebab.

ayeshas kitchen yummy chicken recipes simple easy festive chicken recipe in skewers chicken tikka masala kebab grill recipes

simple easy festive chicken recipe in skewers chicken tikka masala kebab grill recipes

simple easy festive chicken recipe in skewers chicken tikka masala kebab grill recipes

Similar recipes

INGREDIENTS (for 3 skewers)

Bone less chicken cubes                      - 250 g
Cherry tomatoes                                   - few , optional
Bell pepper                                           - few, optional
Baby potato                                          - few, optional
Thick yogurt                                        - 3 tsp
Red chili powder                                  - 1 tsp
Garam masala powder                         - half tsp
Coriander powder                                - 1 tsp
Kasuri methi                                         - half tsp
Lime juice                                             -1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste                                - 1 tsp
Red food color                                   - (a drop), i skipped this 
Oil                                                        - 3 tsp
Bamboo skewers                                  - 3 or 4 nos


  • Mix together curd, ginger garlic paste, garam masala powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, kasuri methi, lime juice and salt  in a bowl. Add red food color now if required only. I skipped it. Now give a fine mix.
  • Then marinate the chicken cubes with this marinade. Add the veggies too to this marinade. Mix it very well and set aside for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, put the marinated chicken and veggies into the bamboo skewers.
  • Take a skewer, put one piece chicken followed by bell pepper cherry tomato and baby potato. Repeat the same until one skewer is completely done.
  • Now take a baking tray lined with silver foil. Grease the foil with oil. Now keep the skewers on the baking tray. Apply some oil on the top of the chicken.
  • Keep the chicken skewers in the pre heated oven (preheat for 5 minutes) and bake for 15 minutes (at 200 degree C). Take out carefully and flip the other side . Apply some oil on the top. Again bake for another 15 minutes. It will take around 30 - 40 minutes for the perfect texture, time depends upon the oven used. So bake until chicken is done.
  • Garnish with lime wedges and cherry tomatoes. Serve hot.