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Are you confused about what to cook for your kids to see their smiling face? Try out this recipe with mashed potato and enjoy your kid's attractive smile. Food must look fancy and attractive while serving to our naughty lovely kids. isnt't it? Smileys are happy faces shaped from fluffy mashed potato with cheesy flavor. McCain  smileys are very popular around the world. McCain is a Canadian multi national company and they are the world's largest producer of French fries  and other oven ready frozen food products like frozen desserts . McCain smiles, wedges, nuggets are delicious and popular with their special seasoning and herbs . These delicious crispy potato smileys are kids favorite snack. But its not good enough to feed our children frozen products every time. So lets prepare these lovely delicious smileys at home. So just follow this super quick recipe and enjoy with your loving young ones. Here is the recipe showing how to make potato smileys at home.

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New pic of the same recipe - Day light photography

smiley face french fries ayeshas kitchen recipes potato recipes

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smiley french fries potato smiles


Potato                         - 1, boiled, grated, mashed

Cheese                        - 4 tbsp, grated 
Red chili powder        - half tsp
Oregano                      - quarter tsp (optional only)
Cornflour                    - 4 tbsp


smiley french fries potato smiles

smiley french fries potato smiles

  • Boil the potato with skin and then discard the skin. Grate it and then mash well. Grating before mashing helps to avoid lumps if any.
  • Combine this mashed potato with chili powder, salt, oregano, and cheese. Mix well.
  • Now add the cornflour and shape it into a dough. You can add more cornflour if the dough is more sticky (only if required). 
  • Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour.
  • Now make small balls out of that dough and flatten each ball (must have minimum thickness). Keep it over a butter paper to avoid stickiness.
  • Using a straw or pop stick, make two eyes. With a spoon, make the smile. (As i do not have any straw, i used cake pop stick for making eyes)
  •  Heat oil and when hot, deep fry these smiles until golden and crispy on a medium flame.
  • Drain it to a tissue and serve hot with ketchup.
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