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Tornado potato fries!!!!  Did u seen those spiral cut potatoes that are skewered, deep fried and displayed in malls or shopping centers? Those potato spirals are named as Tornado fries. Its the street food treat found in SEOUL - South Korea. It is also a very common and popular street food treat in UK, US, UAE etc..When your craving for potato chips, try this spiral potato recipe at home instead of store-bought chips. I always wonder how these potatoes are beautifully skewered in spirals. Thought it might be of continuous experience. No, it is not. The potatoes are cut with a custom spiral cutter/potato slicer machine which gives the perfect spiral shape. As i did not have one at home, I resorted to the manual way of cutting using a thin sharp knife. Ha ha..its soo simple. Even I made it on my first attempt though the spirals weren't so thin. But it tastes yummy and lovely with soft and crispy texture. Here I used big potatoes instead of small. Actually, small potatoes are better for making spirals than the large ones. And you bake it instead of deep frying. Hope the baked recipe is healthier than the deep fried and will share the recipe soon. Here is the recipe showing how to make potato spirals or tornado fries at home.

kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer

ayeshas kitchen kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer

kids snack potato snack crispy delicious potato fries in a skewer quick snack for party

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INGREDIENTS (for 2 Tornado fries)

Medium/ small sized potatoes            - 2 nos

Bamboo skewers                                 - 2
Chili powder                                        - for seasoning only
Pepper powder                                     - for seasoning only
Oregano                                                - optional, but it tastes good
Salt                                                        - for seasoning only
Oil                                                         - for deep frying

potato tornado

potato tornado

potato tornado

potato tornado

potato tornado

potato tornado


  • For making a crispier potato spirals, peel the potato and dip it in ice cold water for 15 minutes. Then pat dry and apply little oil all over the potato and keep it refrigerated for another 15 minutes for the best result. If you skip this, don't worry. This only for the perfect texture.
  • Now place greased whole potato (small potatoes are easy to handle) on a tray and insert a skewer into the potato from one end. Gently push the skewer all the way through it.
  • Hold a sharp thin knife and cut the potato in the opposite direction you are turning the potato. That means to cut with a knife from one end slightly at an angle and then rotate the potato until the knife reaches the other end, cutting continuously.
  • Gently pull out the potato until you have an even gap in between the slices. I just make small gaps as my potatoes are big enough. So try to use small potatoes.
  • Season the potatoes by mixing the spices together and then sprinkling over the spirals.
  • Finally deep fry it. Serve immediately.
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