Thursday, May 12, 2016


Its cool to have some flavorful drinks in this hot summer. Right? So here it is...a very flavorful thirst quencher with Lemon.  Basically this Mojito is a Cuban alcoholic drink. But Virjin Mojito is a non alcoholic drink with mint leaves and lemon juice. So it is categorized as a Mocktail. This mocktail is a non alcoholic drink  which consist of mixture of fruit juices, syrups or soft drinks. These fruit punches  are loved by most of us who relish the flavorful non alcoholic drinks. There are many varieties of Mojito available like strawberry mojitto , virgin Mojito, pine apple mojito and so on. Virjin mojito is almost the same like Indian lime soda or lemonade or sarbat with few changes. Now a days Virgin mojito and water melon mojitto is served as an Iftar drink too which can attracts guests and can quench the thirst after the long hours of fasting .A perfect drink to serve in a party during this hot summer. Here is the recipe showing how to make virgin mojito mocktail.  

INGREDIENTS(serves 3 or 4 )

Lemon juice                         - 5 tbsp

Mint  leaves                         - less than quarter a cup, chopped, can add more or less as per your preference
Sugar  syrup                        - 4 tbsp 
Sprite                                    - 1 cup, or can add any carbonated soft drinks like sprite, Mountain Dew, 7up, club soda


Lemon slices
Mint leaves
Ice cubes


  • Prepare sugar syrup by heating 2 tbsp of sugar in quarter cup of water. Let it boil until sugar dissolves completely and then simmer for few minutes. Allow it to cool. You can prepare this syrup ahead of time and refrigerate. OR You can add powdered sugar instead.
  • Blend  lemon juice, mint leaves and sugar syrup in a blender well.  And then strain it into a bowl.
  • Now pour into serving glasses up to half of the glass. 
  • And  slowly fill rest of the glass with sprite or any such drinks. Stir with a spoon.
  • Top it with ice cubes, lemon slice and a small sprig of mint leaves.
  • Serve immediately.
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