Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Here is an easy and yummy dinner meal to rock your taste buds. Making chicken wraps or vegetable wrap for dinner or breakfast is a great idea whenever we are busy and tired. We will have most of the ingredients on hand and will be ready to use. You can also made this chicken wrap sandwiches with leftover chicken or mutton or fish. Chicken breast work best for this special wrap recipe. Its too simple when you have left over fried chicken and some bell peppers along with veggies will do the rest. Here finely cubed chicken is marinated with tomato sauce, soy sauce, along with spices and then shallow fried in butter which gives the real flavor. The finely chopped bell peppers and thinly sliced carrot are tossed in butter along with pepper powder and salt for one minute and mixed up with the fried chicken. And finally assembled in wheat roti or chappathi with a layer of mayo and tomato sauce (or  sweet and sour sauce ) and then add those tossed fillings and you have a delicious healthy meal that is ready to go. So lets see how to make an easy dinner meal / how to make chicken wraps within minutes at home.

INGREDIENTS (makes 6 medium sized wraps)


Chicken breast                       - 250 g, thinly cubed
Red chili powder                   - 2 tsp (wil be hot), can add less
Coriander powder                 - 1 tsp
Tomato sauce                        - 1 tbsp
Soy sauce                              - 1 tbsp
Curd                                      - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder                  - half a tsp
Butter                                    - 2 tbsp , melted


Bell pepper                           - red, green, yellow ( quarter a cup each, chopped finely)
Carrot                                   - very thinly sliced , half a cup or more
You can add cabbage and veggies of your choice too..
Pepper powder                      - half a tsp
Mayonnaise                           - half a cup 
Tomato sauce or sweet sour sauce - 3 tsp
Butter                                     - 1 tsp, melted
Roti / wheat chappathi           - 6 nos


  • Marinate the thinly cubed chicken breasts pieces with the above ingredients given under marination and toss in butter   until it turns golden in a medium flame. Set aside.
  • Now toss the carrot slices and chopped bell peppers in butter along with pepper powder and salt for a minute or 2 minutes. When done set aside.
  • Combine together mayo and tomato sauce well in a bowl.
  • Now take a chappathi, spread 1 tbsp of mayo mixture and line it with tossed veggies and fried chicken.  Spread a layer of mayo mixture again for a creamy chicken wraps. Wrap it slowly and tightly.
  • Serve and enjoy your dinner with a cocktail or any fruit juices.

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