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Oats has become a staple ingredient in most of the kitchens now.  No matter which cuisine, it suits with all of those ingredients. I always look for some healthy breakfast recipes as i get bored of making the same sandwich, dosa, idly, steam cake, vellappam, pancake and all. More over oats has the reputation as a preferred healthy break fast ingredient. But how can one eat oats porridge all the day??...So here is the great option to include this great ingredient in your diet. Oats oothappam / uthappam will definitely makes your breakfast delectable. Normal uthappam is very similar to South Indian savory dosa (pancake) but  will be more thicker than dosa. Here am sharing with you the recipe of Oats uthappam / oothappam which is the best recipe which i have tasted so far with oats. I had tried oats dosa, oats idly, oats upma, oats adai, oats porridge, cookies and of course i should say, this oats uthappam with mushroom masala is quite different from all with toothsome, mouthwatering, appetizing and what to say...something above all. All those Dosa / breakfast recipes i added in my blog were always a hit among my visitors and friends. So try this Oats oothappam with mushroom too and am sure you guys will love this. So lets see how to make Oats uthappam with mushroom topping. Enjoy this delicious breakfast recipe with oats. The recipe courtesy.. Vahchef ..


Oats                                   - 1 cup
Semolina/ suji/ rawa         - 1 cup
Butter milk                       - 1 cup (or yogurt - half a cup)
Cumin seed                      - half a tsp


Carrot                             - half a cup, finely chopped
Bell pepper                     - as required for topping, finely chopped
Onion                              - quarter a cup, finely chopped, optional
Cooked mushroom( roast) - as required for topping


  • Take the oats and powder it in the blender.
  • Add it to a bowl along with semolina / suji and combine well with butter milk, salt and cumin seed. Make a thick dosa batter.
  • As we mixed semolina, the water content we added will dries out quickly. So add water accordingly and the consistency must be thicker than normal dosa batter. It must not be a flowing consistency. It must be like idly batter consistency.
  • Meanwhile prepare the mushroom roast. Marinate the chopped mushrooms ( 100 gm) with turmeric powder(half tsp), chili powder(1 tsp), coriander powder(1 tbsp) and salt. Heat oil in a wok and saute tomato(1 small) until mushy and then add the marinated mushroom to it. Cook until done . Do not add water.
  • Heat a tawa / pan and brush with oil. Pour a laddle full of batter and spread it lightly.
  • Immediately top it with chopped carrot, bell peppers and cooked mushroom. Drizzle some oil along the sides and top. Press slightly on the top with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Cover it for 1 minute with a lid. Do not flip this uthappam. Cook on a medium low flame.
  • It will be crispy and soft uthappam with yummy mushroom flavor.
  • Serve hot with chutney or with a nice cup of tea.

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