Friday, April 29, 2016


Spring - Summer season is all about juicy and vibrant fruits. Its season of strawberries. How about a fruit shake recipe with strawberry without sugar?? Great!!...Here it is...This strawberry and dates milkshake with apple chunks has become one of my favorite summer treats. And the great thing is , this shake recipes is perfectly sweetened with dates and so this is the best sugar free milkshake ever.  Dates are considered to be one of the best all natural sweeteners  A rich milkshake with strawberry and the evergreen favorite dates is good enough for a healthy drink. Do you know the health benefits of dates? Its nutritious value is much above any other fruits. This easy milkshake recipe is equally loved by both kids and adults. A perfect drink for kids back from school  and  for every one during this hot summer. Its a very rich smoothie recipe for small parties and the way of presentation will surely attracts every one. Will see how the two layers formed ...Here is the recipe showing how to make perfect welcome drink milkshake / how to make  milkshake with strawberry and dates / best healthy summer treats / Milk shake recipe / strawberry milk shake recipe / healthy sugar free juice drinks ..

INGREDIENTS(For 2 medium cups)

Dates                                    - 1 cup , seedless
Strawberry                           - 3 to 4 nos, chopped
Chilled milk or cold milk    - 1.5  small cups
Apple                                   - half a cup, chopped finely, with skin


  • Chop the apple finely and set aside.
  • Blend the chopped strawberry and  half a cup of chilled milk well in a blender at high speed until smooth. Set aside.
  • Now blend dates and 1 cup of chilled milk in a blender until smooth. Set aside.
  • Now the assembling. Take two serving cups ready. Add few tsp of apple chunks to it. Now pour the strawberry shake up to quarter level of the serving cup. And then pour the dates shake to the center of the cup. 
  • Just give a gentle stir while drinking.

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