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Gelatin free, No bake, Creamy, Eggless Lemon cheese cake..Drooling?? Lemon flavored desserts have a refreshing flavor than any other desserts recipes. Am i right? This no bake lemon cheesecake will surely makes your day more delightful. Though am not a sweet lover, i just love cheesecakes and my my family crave for this. I love this creamy lemon flavored dessert and often buy from bakery instead of making this at home. I feared, i will finish this in one sitting when i make this at home. But this time, i made one for my husband. So do make this non bake cheesecake recipe for your loved ones. This lemon flavored dessert is always a hit as it can brighten up any meal. Here is the recipe showing how to make an easy cheesecake recipe no bake / no bake lemon cheesecake / cheesecake no bake /refrigerator cheesecake /lemon desserts recipes /fresh lemon recipes / holiday dessert recipes. Enjoy.

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Cream cheese                 - 200 g, (i used two packs of Almarai cream cheese 6 portions )
Sweetened condensed milk  - about 300 g 
Heavy whipping cream       - 125 ml pack
Fresh lemon juice               - juice from two large lemon
Lemon zest                         - from two large lemon, for garnishing 
Digestive biscuits              - 12 nos
Unsalted butter                 - 5 tbsp, melted 


whip the heavy whipping cream and then add to cream cheese mixture

  • Powder the biscuits in a grinder.
  • In a bowl, combine this biscuit crumbs or powder with the melted butter. It is important to add the butter little by little and combine well with your fingers or a spoon.  (check the right consistency by making balls with these crumbs). Do not add more butter.
  • Spread this mixture in the spring foam and press evenly with your hand.  Keep it refrigerated for half an hour or until we prepare the next layer.
  • Now we have to prepare the next layer. Take a bowl and add cream cheese at room temperature. To this, add condensed milk. Whisk them well.
  • To this add the fresh lemon juice and beat again.
  • Add the whipped cream (you have to whip it in a separate bowl until fluffy and then add it to this mixture).
  • Now mix well until well combined.
  • Pour this over the biscuit layer. Spread evenly.  Cover it with a foil.
  • Refrigerate for 4 hours or until it sets.
  • When done, garnish with lemon zest .
  • I skipped adding the lemon zest. You can add it while you are adding  fresh lemon juice.
  • If you need a stiff no bake lemon cheese cake, you have to add gelatin or agar agar powder to the cream cheese mixture. I just love to have a creamy cheesecake without gelatin.
  • Do not keep this in freezer as it will make the biscuit layer hard.

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