Monday, January 4, 2016


            Oreo cookies are best for making pie crust and even for puddings and desserts. This easy tart recipes with oreo tastes scrumptious. Oreo chocolate pie is a very easy, yummy and simple dessert using oreo cookies.  Normally cookies are powdered or crushed, blended with butter and then baked until set for most of the chocolate pie crust. But this is a No Bake oreo chocolate pie using the whole oreo cookie. This pie / tart is filled with Dark chocolate and whipping cream. You can use your favorite tart filling recipes also.  
I always love dessert experiments with OREO COOKIES. Even kids can make cute chocolates, simple yummy pies using oreo as it is the best crust for no bake refrigerated pies, desserts and it holds well with chilled fillings. Here is my simple, quick, less ingredient recipe showing how to make chocolate pies with oreo cookies. Do try this lovely dessert tart recipes / oreo recipes / oreo desserts and drop your valuable comments. Enjoy!!!

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for the crust
Oreo cookies                    -  20 cookies
Butter, unsalted               - 50 g

for the chocolate filling

Dark chocolate               - 200g
Heavy whipping cream   - 100 ml

for garnishing

Nuts or chopped cookies


  • Crush the oreo cookies using a food processor. Add melted butter over the crushed cookies and  blend it till well again until smooth.
  • Now take a tart square tray (i used loaf pan) and spread some butter.
  • Add the oreo cookie mixture to this tart tray and press the cookie mixture with your fingers very well all over the sides of the tray.
  • When done,  freeze it until we prepare the chocolate filling.
  • Heat the whipping cream for few minutes. Do not boil, once hot switch off the flame. ( if you need a lava style creamy texture, no need of heating cream. Just whip together cream and melted chocolate, pour it over the crust. I need stiff texture, so i just heated it for a while )
  • Place the dark chocolate in a bowl and pour this heated whipped cream  over the dark chocolate and let it rest for few minutes until dissolved. No stirring.
  • Once done mix well and pour it over the  oreo crust.
  • Decorate with nuts and strawberries.
  • Refrigerate at least for 4 hours or keep over night.
  • Once set, cut into desired shapes.
  • Yummy Oreo chocolate pie ready.

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Awww sinfully delicious... Love combo of oreo and whipped cream