Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Coconut milk chicken curry is a flavorful chicken curry which goes well with chapathi , paratha, ghee rice and like so. So lets learn today, how to make chicken curry with coconut milk. Chicken curry is mainly prepared in many varieties depending upon country or region. Chicken curry is a common delicacy in South Asia as well as in the Caribbean. A typical South Asian curry consist of chicken stewed in onion tomato gravy flavored with ginger, garlic and other spices. Stewed chicken dish flavored with curry powder is the popular chicken recipe in US. 
Here am going to make a simple chicken curry which is amazingly flavorful with all that goodness of fresh coconut milk. Adding coconut milk to chicken curry adds a special flavor and aroma to the curry / gravy. Do try this curry recipe and hope you all will enjoy this flavorful chicken recipe for sure .

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Chicken                                                    - 1 kg

Tomato                                                     - 2 , big sized
Ginger, garlic, fennel seed paste              - 1 tbsp
Green chilies                                            - 2 nos
Cardamom, cloves, bay leaves,cinnamon  - 2 each or as required
Kashmir chili powder                              - 1 tbsp + 1 tsp(marination)
Turmeric powder                                     - half tsp
Coriander powder                               - 1 tbsp + half tsp(marination)
Garam masala powder                        - half tsp (marination)
Thick coconut milk                             - 1 cup
Thin coconut milk                               - 1 cup
Shallots                                                - 2 tsp, chopped, tempering
Chopped coriander leaves


  • Marinate the chicken with kashmir chili powder(1 tsp), turmeric powder, coriander powder(half tsp), garam masala powder(half tsp) and salt. Set aside for 15 minutes or until other ingredients  gets ready.
  • Now heat a nonstick wok with oil. Toss cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom, bay leaves for a while and then saute ginger garlic fennel seed paste. Saute until raw smell vanishes in a medium flame.
  • Now add the pureed tomatoes to it, add salt  and mix well. Let it cook well . 
  • When done, add the marinated chicken pieces, remaining chili powder, coriander powder and cook well in that gravy for 5 minutes.
  • Now add the thin coconut milk to this gravy and allow it to cook until chicken is done, covered.
  • When done, add the fresh thick coconut milk and mix well.
  • When it starts boiling, off the flame.
  • Heat a pan with 2 tsp of oil and toss the chopped shallots , curry leaves until done. Pour it over the curry for seasoning.
  • Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Pairs best with ghee rice, paratha, chapathi.

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