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Kulukki sarbath is the very popular drink especially in Kerala. Shaken lemonade / kulukki sarbath is the best thirst quencher to beat the summer heat. This is the traditional drink of Malabar which is made of handy ingredients. Adding nannari syrup in kulukki sarbath makes this nannari kulukki sarbath something very special. The fine flavor and vibrant color of nannari makes this drink the best among refreshing drinks. As it is prepared by shaking all ingredients inside a cocktail mixing container or something thing like that, it is named as kulukki sarbath. So instead of cocktail mixing container, you can use a bottle with a lid or something like that. Here am sharing the recipe of sweet kulukki sarbath with nannari flavor. You can also add chilies for a bit spiciness. The sabja / basil seed which is known as kaskas (cuscus) adds extra cooling and texture for this drink.

Nannari sarbath with nannari syrup / Sugandhi syrup is the best refreshing drink during summer and after the long hours of fasting. Add few tsp of nannari syrup,  sugar or sugar syrup , lemon juice and some crushed ice  is quite enough for this Instant cooler and Thirst quencher. Ramadan is very close and we all will be searching for quick instant recipes as we do not want to spent more time in kitchen. But at the same time, we need something special and delicious recipes too for Ifthar.  So don't worry. Prepare this nannari syrup in advance and store in an air tight container and then refrigerate. It will stay fresh for months in refrigerator. 

Nannari / Sarasparilla / Naruneendi is a wonder herb from nature which is the best coolant in summer. It is very common during hot summer in Kerala, street vendors selling cool drinks like spiced butter milk, nannari sarbath, kuluki sarbath, etc. All these are very good for health only when it is prepared at home. My family love to have this nannari sarbat prepared from nannari root for ifthar. I think this drink is very common in Malabar especially during Ramadan. And do you know the health benefits of this nannari root (Indian sarsaparilla)??.. It has got wonderful health benefits

So here is the recipe showing how to make nannari kulukki sarbath. 

INGREDIENTS (serves one big cup)

Cocktail container / bottle with lid    - for shaking only
Nannari syrup           - half a cup or can add less( recipe here)
Lemon juice              - 1 tbsp (depends upon the sourness of lemon)
Sugar syrup              -  half a small cup (4 tbsp) or can add less
Basil seed / sabja seed/ kaskas   - 1 tsp (soaked in water for 5 minutes)
Lemon slices                               - 2 slices            
Ice cubes                                     - few


  • Soak the basil seeds in water for 5 minutes and when it is done drain it.
  • In a bottle or container, add all these ingredients one by one (no need of adding water, as I used nannari syrup. If u need can add half a cup of water too). Close the lid.
  • Shake very well for a minute or more.
  • Serve immediately.
  • Really cool.
Please find below the video of nannari kulukki sarbath prepared using homemade nannari syrup

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