Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Here is a quick and easiest dessert that looks superb and tastes fabulous with only 3 ingredients.  Food is a delight. But nothing beats slowly eating a bowl of  our favorite flavor of ice cream and letting them to soak in our taste buds. No matter how big the meal is, i always have a room for ice cream.. How about an  ice cream  served with a cake base...hoooo...!!! for sure it will create a sinful mixture in our mouth. The flavors each stand out on their own. An easy ice cream cake recipe / ice cream rolls / ice cream cake. You can also make chocolate ice cream cake roll the same way.
Swiss roll ice cream cake is basically an ice cream cake enveloped in Swiss rolls. You can either buy the swiss roll / cake roll from grocery or can make by yourselves with your favorite filling. Here i used store bought chocolate swiss roll with vanilla flavored cream filling.  Always use your favorite ice cream for this cake because this cake is all about ice cream. I used strawberry ice cream and mango ice  cream. Hope you all will love this recipe for ice cream cake.  So lets see how to make this outstanding ice cream cake..

INGREDIENTS (according to the size of the bowl)

Chocolate swiss roll                 - 1 pack
Strawberry ice cream               - 500 ml (fill as per requirement)
Mango ice cream                     - 250 ml
A bowl
Cling film
You can choose your favorite ice cream and swiss roll. 


  • Keep the strawberry ice cream at room temperature. We need ice cream to be soft (not melting).
  • Cut the Swiss roll in equal size and i used small swiss roll. So need 20- 22 slices to fill the bowl.
  • Line the bowl with cling film and make 2 layers with the cling film. This makes easy for us to pull the cake out. So do not skip this step.
  • Line the swiss roll inside the bowl close to each other. Fill all the gaps . 
  • Once the swiss rolls are done inside the bowl, keep a glass cup in the middle and fill the remaining space with strawberry ice cream. as shown in the pic.
  • Now freeze for one hour (along with the cup) until the strawberry ice cream sets.
  • Once sets, take out the glass cup and fill that space with mango ice cream. Level it very well, cover the top with another cling film and  freeze until sets ( took 2- 4 hours). For best results..Keep overnight.
  • Once the ice cream becomes solid, take out the cake along with cling film and invert it onto a tray.
  • Remove the cling film and cut into desired shapes.
  • Serve chill.

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