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Smoothie,,, with fruit  is one of my all time favorite drinks. I love to have chickoo fruit smoothie though I don't like to eat ripe chickoo fruit. Here am going to share with you an easy dessert with ripe chickoo and ripe mango or ripe papaya.  The best easy recipe for a rich creamy dessert. The ripe mango  and chikku combo make this smoothie pudding luscious. And the way I presented makes this pudding very special. I just planned to make a mixed smoothie only. But later I put my hand and mind on this variety party pudding... a pudding with two different fruits .Am very happy that I made this chess board pudding and it turned  out very very well....Do try and let me know the feedback.

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Chickoo / sapodilla / sapota - 5 nos, ripe
Mango - 3 ripe mangoes or papaya(half of a medium sized ripe papaya)
Sweetened condensed milk - half a cup
Chilled milk- 1 small cup(half a cup each)
Sugar   - as required
Agar agar - 8 g
Cornflour - 3 tbsp 


Please watch the preparation video here:

ayeshas kitchen pudding recipes smoothie

  • Prepare smoothie with mango or papaya. Combine together mango (peeled and chopped),more than quarter cup condensed milk, sugar and half a cup of chilled milk. Blend in a mixer till the mixture is smooth and frothy. Set aside.
  • Now boil 8 gms of china grass with a cup of water in a pan  until it melts to a clear liquid.
  • Meanwhile heat the mango smoothie  mixture. When chinagrass is done, pour it to the  prepared mango smoothie mixture through a strainer.  Let it cook for 2 minutes and transfer it to the pudding tray. Let it keep refrigerated until firm. Approximately 1 hours.
  • After one hour, prepare chikku smoothie. Combine chikkoo(peeled and chopped),condensed milk, sugar and less than half a cup of chilled milk. Blend in a mixer till the mixture is smooth and frothy. Set aside.
  • Now boil this smoothie mixture and add cornflour  paste ( mix cornflour with some water) . You can also make the chikoo pudding using chinagrass  for a perfect slice. But I prefer slightly creamy chikoo pudding than a stiff slice.
  • When it turns thick, remove from flame. 
  • Now cut the mango pudding into small squares. Keep stirring the chickoo smoothie, else it will harden.
  • Remove the alternative squares of mango pudding and pour chikkoo smoothie in that gap. Do not take the alternative squares at a time. Take a mango  square pudding and then pour the chikkoo smoothie in that gap and then take the next alternative and so on. 
  • When done, refrigerate until set. 
  • Delicious smoothie pudding ready.Enjoy!!

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