Thursday, March 17, 2016


We all love to have salads, especially when it is with chicken, tuna and all. Here is a simple tuna salad recipe with canned Tuna which i got from my friend, my neighbor...She named it as Thai Tuna salad, really an addicting salad. Its full of flavors and the veggies cucumber, corn and bell pepper plays a great combo with tuna. Though its a light dish, its so filling because of the protein we get from Tuna. Moreover, this is a No mayo salad with Tuna...A healthy Tuna salad recipe...Try , try, a must try salad recipe. You can also make tuna salad sandwich recipe with the same. Here is the recipe showing how to make canned tuna recipes /tuna fish salad / healthy best  tuna salad .


Canned Tuna                               - 1, drained (drain the oil)
Red bell pepper                           - half , diced
Cucumber                                    - 1,sliced and diced
Garlic                                           - few, chopped, optional
Corn kernels                                 - half a cup
Lemon juice                                   - of one lime
Olive                                              - black, chopped, as required
Olive oil (optional, i did'nt used any)
Carrot slices, cucumber slices and olives for garnishing


  • Take a bowl and  break up drained Tuna into small pieces. Then mix in the bell pepper diced, chopped cucumber, chopped garlic, black olives chopped, corn kernels . 
  • Combine well. You can now add few tsp of olive oil if required ( i skipped this).
  • Finally add lemon juice and combine well.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste and garnish .

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