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Semolina kheer is a quick and easy kheer that can be suitable for every functions. It is a malabar special ifthar drink especially made with milk, very few semolina, vermicelli and seasoned with nuts and chopped shallots. Traditionally thari kanji is prepared using thick coconut milk. Roasted semolina and crushed cardamon are cooked well in normal water and then thick coconut milk is added which gives the dish the real taste. But here am using cow's milk for making this recipe as it is more convenient for most of us.  Though this kheer is called as Thari kanchi / thari kanji  in malabar region,  it is not a kanji or gruel. It is a sweetened hot drink or kheer. As semolina is an easily digestible, it is mainly served for breaking the fast during iftar which helps to settle the stomach quickly. It is also given as a porridge for kids.  Try this once and am sure u will never stop making this.So lets see the recipe for thari kanji using milk. Hope i can share the recipe for thari kanji with coconut milk soon. Here is the recipe showing how to make thari kanji / semolina payasam / semolina recipes / iftar recipes / ramadan recipes for iftar / desserts recipes 

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INGREDIENTS (for 4 cups)

Semolina/ rawa / suji        - 3 tbsp, roasted ( do not add more)
Vermicelli (optional)         - 2 tbsp, broken
Cardamom                        - 2 nos, crushed
Milk                   - 1 cup (can use thick coconut milk instead)
Sugar                                - 4 tbsp (can add more or less)
Shallots                            - 1, finely chopped, for seasoning
Ghee                                -  1 tbsp
Cashews, raisins             - few
Salt                                  - a pinch to balance the taste


  • Boil 2 small cups of water along with the crushed cardamom .
  • Bring to boil and  once done add a pinch of salt.
  • Mix well and add roasted semolina to it. Let it cook for a while. Stir occasionally.
  • When the semolina is done, add the vermicelli along with sugar. Do not ever add vermicelli and semolina more.
  • Now pour the milk to it (or thick coconut milk) and cook for few minutes.  Let it absorbs the flavor.
  • The consistency must be medium thick only as it will become more thick once it is cooled. Remove from flame.
  • Then heat a pan with 1 tbsp ghee . When hot add the chopped shallots along with nuts and raisins. Fry until done. (you can also skip adding chopped shallots in this kheer but this is the traditional way of making thari kanji)
  • Pour this seasoning over the prepared Thari kanji or semolina kheer. 
  • The drink will thicken after sometimes. So do not add too much semolina.

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