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Wedding Style Lagoon Biryani Laghorn / Malabar Kalyana Veedu Leghorn Chicken Biriyani


 Biriyani is a delicious mixed rice dish famous in Kerala. Lagoon chicken biriyani is different from other

biriyani recipes in its unique flavour and method of preparation. This tasty biriyani recipe is passed

on from my sister in law. The secret in this recipe is the freshly powdered whole spice mix. Lagoon

chicken is healthier than other chicken with fatty skin. It is good for controlling cholesterol, reducing

blood pressure etc. Lagoon chicken biriyani is traditionally prepared for marriage functions and has

its own fan base. Lagoon chicken biriyani will be loved by everyone.

Kalyana veedu biryani


Lagoon chicken – 2 nos.

Rice ( preferably Jeerakasala rice) – 1 kg


Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

Pepper powder – 1 teaspoon ( Use more if you prefer spicier)

Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon

Water – 500 ml

Coconut oil

Green chilly – depending on the amount of spiciness required

Fennel seeds – 1 teaspoon

Cumin seeds

Onions – 5 big ones

Tomato – 5 medium-sized ones

Sunflower oil – 1 teaspoon

Garam masala powder - 1 teaspoon

Vinegar – 1 teaspoon


Ghee – 2 - 3 tablespoons

Crushed ginger and garlic

Chopped coriander leaves

Chopped mint leaves

Curd – 3 – 4 tablespoons

Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

Garam masala – 1 teaspoon/whole spices

Turmeric powder

Pepper powder

Garam masala – 1 teaspoon

Coriander leaves

Mint leaves

Sunflower oil


Wash the chicken well with salt and vinegar. Drain the water. Cut the chicken into pieces. Add 1

teaspoon of pepper powder, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of vinegar. You can add

more pepper powder if you prefer to make the chicken hotter. Vinegar is added so that the chicken

is cooked quickly. Add salt as required. Mix well. Add 500 ml of water. Pressure cook till 6 whistles.

After 6 whistles, check if the chicken is cooked and cook it for some more time if needed. When the

chicken is well cooked, we will be able to remove the sock-like portion at the end of the leg piece. I

had to cook for 2 more whistles. It depends on the chicken.

Leghorn Chicken biryani

Pour coconut oil into another cooker. Add green chilli, fennel seeds and cumin seeds. Saute well.

Add more green chilli if you prefer the dish to be spicier. Slice the onions and add to the pressure

cooker. Add salt and sauté. When the onion becomes soft, add tomatoes. Mix well. Add some water

and pressure cook it till 2 whistles. You can sauté the masala like that of ordinary biriyani too.

Masala is not absorbed easily by lagoon chicken. When we do this, the chicken will be well coated

with the masala.

Wash the rice well. Soak it in water for 10 minutes. If we soak for a long time, the rice will absorb the

water and biriyani won't be tasty. After 10 minutes, drain the water.

Boil some water to cook the rice. When it is boiling, add 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil, salt(as

required), 1 teaspoon of garam masala powder and 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Vinegar gives white

colour to the rice and prevents it from being sticky. Add the rice to it. The rice will be cooked in 5 – 6

minutes. Move the rice to another bowl.

Heat the pan. Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of ghee. Add the cooked tomatoes and onions. Saute well.

When the tomatoes and onions are sautéed and the raw smell is gone, add crushed ginger and

garlic. When the raw smell of ginger and garlic is gone, add a bunch of chopped coriander leaves and

mint leaves. Add the stock of chicken, i.e., the water remaining with the chicken. This will give the

biriyani a unique taste. Thicken the stock water. When the masala is well sautéed and the water

starts to dry up, add 3 – 4 tablespoons of curd, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of garam

masala powder. Instead of garam masala, you can add whole spices while sautéing the onion at first.

Add salt as required. Saute well. Add some turmeric powder and pepper powder. Add 1 teaspoon of

garam masala, coriander leaves and mint leaves. Saute well. Add the cooked chicken to it. The

chicken should get well cooked in the masala. Keep it closed for a while. The chicken has to be

cooked for 5 - 10 minutes in the masala. Only then the masala will be absorbed well by the chicken.

This biriyani will not be tasty if the chicken is not well cooked.

When the chicken is well cooked, add coriander leaves and mint leaves. Spread sunflower oil over it.

You can add ghee too. But the biriyani will have a special taste if we add sunflower oil. Add the

biriyani rice over it as the first layer. Spread sunflower oil, coriander leaves and mint leaves over it.

Add the rice over it as the next layer. Close it with aluminium foil and close the lid. Cook for ½ an

hour over a low flame. Remove the flame after ½ an hour. Then keep it for another half an hour.

Lagoon chicken biriyani is ready.

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