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                                       DUCK BIRYANI

                             Duck is used in a variety of dishes around the world. The most popular dish with duck in India is duck roast. Duck also has a special role in Chinese cuisines, French menu, American cuisine and so on..Biriyani with duck is a very popular and a variety dish mainly in Kerala, India. As the biriyani is an unavoidable dish in most of the special occasions or functions in kerala, people always prefer some varieties of biriyani specially  duck biriyani, quail biriyani....
                      There are many variations in biriyani depending upon the ingredients as well the region.  It is considered as a royal dish and has a great role in the menu of royal kitchen. Some of the types are : Chicken biriyani, Mutton biriyani, Prawns biriyani, Quail biriyani, Fish biriyani, Duck biriyani, Beef biriyani, Vegetable biriyani, Turkey biriyani, Mushroom biriyani, Egg biriyani, Chana biriyani, Corn biriyani..etc.
 Here is my recipe of Duck biriyani. Do try and enjoy..

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special biryani rice recipe with duck ayeshas kitchen tasty rice and duck recipe

special biryani rice recipe with duck roasted ayeshas kitchen tasty rice and duck recipe



Duck                                           - 1 kg, cut into medium sizes
Ginger ,garlic,green chili paste - 3 tbsp (green chili- 2 nos)
Coriander powder                      - 3 tbsp
Turmeric powder                        - 1 tsp
Chili powder                               - 1 tbsp
Fennel seed powder                    - 1 tbsp
Garam masala powder                - 1 tsp
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves


 Biriyani rice( short grain rice is more preferred)  - 3 cups
Cinnamon                      - 4 nos
Cardamom                    - 5 nos
Cloves                            - 4 nos
Lemon juice                  - 1 tsp
Ghee                             - 2 tbsp                          
Curry leaves


Ghee                              -4 tbsp
Cinnamon, cardamom,
cloves, nutmeg              -as per requirement
Onion                            -5 nos(small), sliced
Tomato                         -4 nos(small), sliced
Mint leaves 
Coriander leaves


Chopped corianders
Fried onions
Cashews and raisins
Garam masala powder


  • Marinate the duck with all the ingredients , as above given for the  marination and  pressure cook it for 2 whistles. Do not add extra water. 
  • When  done and the pressure settles down, open the lid and cook in a high flame for few minutes. This makes the gravy thick. When done keep it aside. 
  • Mean while you can cook the rice . So heat a vessel and add  ghee. Add the cleaned, drained rice along with the raw spices  and  fry the rice in a low flame for 5 minutes. When done, add  6 cups of boiled water(double the amount of rice).  Add some curry leaves and required salt.When it starts boiling , add lemon juice and close the lid. When the water is completely dried, keep the lid open and do not stir the rice when hot or immediately. Let it cool.
  • Again heat ghee in a deep bottomed vessel .
  • Add the garam masala's and then onion.
  • Saute onion till brown and then add tomato.
  • Saute well, when done add the cooked duck along with the gravy.
  • Allow it to cook for few minutes until thick gravy.
  • Now add salt, mint and coriander leaves . Mix well and set aside.
  • Next is to blend the rice and masala.  So take a greased vessel,  spread some cooked rice,  then spread chopped coriander  leaves and drops of ghee, a pinch garam masala powder, fried onions and then the  duck masala.  Again layer the rice and repeat the same process. 
  • Finally garnish with coriander leaves and spread some melted  ghee evenly.
  • Close the lid tightly  .
  • Allow it to cook in very low flame for 10 mins.
  • While serving garnish with fried cashews ,raisins and  fried onion.
  • Serve with raita or mango chutney and salad.

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