Tuesday, January 5, 2016


              Egg chili / spicy chili egg in Chinese style is a great experiment that gives me lots of appreciation from my family. Since eggs are favorite of many vegetarians and  egg lovers too,   egg curry or roasted egg is the most loved main course curry in most of the homes. In most of the countries eggs are added in their every day meal and we always search for the best dishes with egg that goes well with breakfast and dinner.
                    The spicy chili egg is a side dish based gravy  with hard boiled eggs which can be prepared in 10 minutes. The blending of  spices and sauces with the crispy fried eggs gives an excellent taste and texture to this gravy. This is a perfect Chinese dish mainly for vegetarians and egg lovers.  If you are an egg lover, do give it a try.  You will love this for sure..Here is my recipe of how to make Chinese egg chili.

Hard boiled eggs                - 2 nos, boiled and quartered
Cornflour                            - 2 tbsp
Chilly powder                     - 1 tbsp
All purpose flour / maida   - 2 tbsp
Dried red chilly                  - 1 
Soy sauce                            - 1 tsp  
Red chili sauce                   - 2 tbsp
Vinegar                              - half tsp
Sugar                                  - half tsp
Spring onion                       - 3 stalks, chopped
Garlic                                 - 4 cloves, chopped                 

  • Make a thick batter with cornflour, chili powder and all purpose flour. Keep it aside.
  • Set aside the quartered hard boiled eggs.
  • Now heat a pan with some oil and dip each quartered hard boiled egg  in the flour batter and shallow fry it till till golden in a medium flame.
  • When transfer it to paper tissue and set aside.
  • Now heat some oil in the same pan and add oil.
  • Saute dried red chili ( preferably crushed), then add chopped spring onions and garlic. Saute for a while.
  • Mix together soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar and sugar in a bowl. Add 1 tsp of the prepared flour batter to it. Do not add more. Mix well.
  • Now pour this sauce batter to the sauteed mixture and mix well. Add salt too.
  • Then add the fried egg and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from flame.
  • Serve hot.

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