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Ramadan, the holy month - the month of fasting is around the corner. We all know that fasting is one of the five pillars of islam. All Muslims will be engaged in prayers and good deeds in this holy month. Back in my childhood, Ramadan also reminds me of aromatic dishes which is the center of attention throughout this month for we kids. Each day we kids can taste a variety of snacks and dishes prepared by my mom, grandmom, aunties and we encourage sharing food in this month of fasting. So each day when am from school our kitchen will be filled with special aromatic flavors. Especially in Malabar region, during Ramadan iftar snacks and dishes plays an important role. Pathiri and varutharacha kozhi curry, samosa, kai pola, Thari kanji, jeera kanji, chattipathiri, pakkuvada, nannari sarbath or naranga vellam (lime juice), ghee rice and chicken korma, egg bajji, mulaku baji etc are some of the common iftar recipes in Malabar region. But nowadays each one of us needs some unique snacks and side dishes to serve for the iftar party. Right? For that many of us will start googling for unique recipes for Ramadan or iftar even before Ramadan starts. But we should keep in mind that Ramadan, the holy month is the month of prayers and not the month for serving the various dishes. So spent less time in the kitchen and concentrate more on prayers. Ayeshas kitchen, the taste of Malabar shares with you some quick snacks recipes to serve your family during Ramadan. All these recipes are less mess and with handy ingredients. Besides that, these snacks recipes are unique as always. So let's strengthen our faith or iman, do good deeds and along with that let's prepare something special for our family without spending much time in the kitchen. 




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There are such amazing foods for Ramadan you must try.

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