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This snack is also known as kaipola / banana pola / banana cake.  Mainly it is a tea time snack with very few ingredients.  Surely you will crave for this snack more once you try this snack recipe. Here the main ingredients are ripe plantain and egg. This dish is usually prepared during Ramadan as it is the traditional Malabar dish. Nowadays this snack is prepared during special occasions like salkaaram, weddings, birthdays etc. A healthy sweet snack for kids especially. Here is the recipe showing how to make sweet snacks with plantain / pazham pola / kay pola / healthy sweet snacks /healthy tasty snacks / Malabar snacks recipes.

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Banana/plantain    - 2 nos, ripe, chopped
Eggs                        - 4 nos
Salt                          - few pinches
Cornflour                - 2 tbsp
Milk                        - half a cup
Cardamom  powder- quarter tsp
Sugar                       - 5 tbsp (can add more or less)
Ghee                        - 6 tsp (or as required)
Cashews, almonds, and raisins - as required


  • Heat ghee in a pan and add chopped plantains. (cut it into fine chops)
  • Roast the plantains chopped along with 1 tbsp of sugar until slightly golden.  Transfer it to a plate. To the same pan, add cashews and raisins. Roast for a while and keep them aside.
  • Beat eggs in a large bowl. Add sugar, salt, and cardamom powder. Again beat it well. (you can also add these ingredients together in a blender and blend them well)
  • To this egg mixture, add the fried or roasted plantains along with some fried nuts.
  • Mix cornflour in half a cup of milk and pour it into the egg mixture. (you can also add milk powder instead of cornflour)
  • Combine everything well. 
  • Heat a pan and grease it with ghee well.
  • Pour this mixture so that it covers the whole vessel.
  • Make the flame to medium low (very important). Decorate with the remaining fried nuts. Cover it and cook for 20 minutes in a medium low flame.
  • Yummy banana pola is ready.

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