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Bread is considered as the most versatile ingredient for snacks. If we have some leftover bread, it is surprising that we can mold it into a variety of snacks, desserts and even dishes. And the best part is that cooking with bread is easy and quick. You can see bread in different forms, shapes, and sizes according to the changes in the region. Italians use bread as a base for their yummy pizza while in Middle east it is in the form of pita. Here I am going to explain you a yummy pizza recipe made of bread slices without an oven. This stovetop bread pizza is loaded with chicken, bell pepper, pizza sauce, tomato and onion which is topped with a pile of mozzarella cheese. Have no words to explain this in words... it's utter delicious!!!! This will be a yummy treat for your kids when you do not have enough time to make pizza dough from scratch. Do try this homemade pizza recipe using bread as the base. Here I shaped the bread slices same like pizza dough that makes this bread pizza unique in taste and visually it looks very similar to pizza from scratch. Here is the recipe showing how to make pizza from bread/bread pizza recipe/bread pizza for kids recipe/pizza specials. 

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BREAD PIZZA pizza with bread slices no oven bread recipe pizza recipe perfect bread pizza yummy pizza without pizza sauce

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Bread     -8 slices (or as required)
Mozzarella cheese grated - half a cup, or as required
Onion finely cubed - a small piece, chopped
Olives(black) -sliced
Capsicum/ bell pepper  - chopped, red and green
Carrot - few, chopped (optional)
Pizza sauce -2 tbsp, I used tomato sauce mixed with oregano(half tsp)
Cooked chicken (leftover) -cubed, as required
Egg - 2 nos
Milk -4 tbsp
Pepper powder (for egg mixture)
Ghee / Butter / oil
Oil (for sauteing chicken)


Please watch below video for the detailed recipe

  • Instead of all purpose flour (maida) dough, we are using wheat bread for the pizza base. Or you can use normal bread also. 
  • So take the bread and remove the brown sides of the bread. Keep it aside.
  • Mix egg, milk, pepper powder and salt in a bowl.Keep it aside.
  • Boil chicken with salt and turmeric powder and cut into cubed pieces or shredded and then toss it in little oil. Keep it aside. (I used leftover curried chicken and tossed in very less oil )
  • Heat ghee or butter in a pan and when hot, switch off the flame.
  • Now take each bread slices(one by one), and dip in the egg batter and line in the frying pan. (The amount of bread slices required depends upon the size of the pan only)
  • Keep each bread slices closely to each other and make a round shape with that (sometimes u have to cut the bread slices to fill the gaps).
  • Now switch on the flame and adjust the flame to very low.
  • Then press and gently spread the bread evenly with a spatula, so that it will stick to each other.
  • Pour the excess egg batter over the bread and close it with a lid.  Keep it for a minute.
  • Then flip the bread slowly and cook the other side. Again keep for 1 minute only. Do not overcook the bread.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Now spread the pizza sauce(available in markets) or tomato sauce mixed with oregano evenly over the toasted bread and layer some grated cheese over it.
  • Drop sliced onion, carrot and fried chicken pieces evenly.
  • Again layer some grated cheese.
  • Finally, garnish with black sliced olives and chopped capsicum.
  • Now again switch on the flame and close the lid.
  • Cook in a very low flame until the cheese melts.
  • Serve hot. Yummy and cheesy bread pizza ready. 
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Tried ithis receipie today all gone well. Thank you. It was really fun to try this and my wife n daughter liked it .https://share.icloud.com/photos/0WzuiW6p1T1odvZawy5uv54AA