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 Making something creative for a get together party or kids party is a challenging task. This easy but creative snack will attract the crowd for sure. I named this pretty snack as Coleslaw sandwich, just because of the stuffing only. I always love simple but inviting snacks and this party snack idea is irresistible for kids. As long as the snacks are made of healthy stuffs, snacking is a good thing in my concept. Especially for kids. Here is the recipe showing how to make party food ideas for kids /creative snacks for kids /coleslaw sandwich / creative snack ideas / snacks with bread.

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INGREDIENTS  (makes 4 sandwich)

for the sandwich bread     

Bread                             - 8  pieces
Egg                                - 1 
Milk                               - 3 tbsp
Bread crumbs  - half a cup, can use the sides of the bread as crumbs
Oil for deep frying

for the stuffing

Coleslaw                           -  2 tbsp in each, recipe given below
Chicken strips / cubed      - as required, fried or cooked can be used
Tomato ketchup                - optional


  • First we can prepare the creative sandwich bread. For that, cut each bread slices into discs or round pieces. You can use round shaped cookie cutter or any lids for this purpose. The sides of bread so discarded can be used for making bread crumbs (make them into fine powders using a dry grinder). Set aside.

  • Now beat the egg with milk and pinch salt. Whisk them well and set aside. (instead of egg mixture, you can also use a loose batter of all purpose flour, salt and water mixture.)

  • Take two bread discs, one above the other . Dip it in the egg mixture and then coat it with bread crumbs well.

  • Heat oil in a wok or a pan and deep fry over a medium flame until both sides are golden. It will take around 2 - 3 minutes only.
  • When done, drain it to  a tissue paper or paper towel, which is a must. Set aside.

  • Now make the filling / stuffing. Wash the chicken strips or chicken cubes well and marinate it with soy sauce, garlic paste, salt and cornflour (if u need crispiness). You can do the marination with your favorite marinade also. Heat a pan with oil and  shallow fry those marinated chicken pieces until done.

  • Now make a small slit on the fried bread slices with a knife. Fill 2 tbsp Coleslaw and then add few pieces of fried chicken. Garnish with tomato ketchup. Enjoy.


Cabbage                                  - half a cup,  finely grated
Carrot                                      - quarter a cup,  finely grated
Mayonnaise                              - 2 tsp
Salt                                           - a pinch
Sugar                                        - 2 tsp ( can add more accordingly)
Milk                                          - 1 tbsp
Vinegar                                     - half tsp
Curd                                         -  1 tsp( less sour )


  • Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl except cabbage and carrot.
  • Blend well with a spoon or whisk well.
  • Add the grated cabbage and carrot to this creamy mixture.
  • Mix gently until well combined.

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