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This is the best time to share a healthy satisfying soup recipe. Perfect for dinner on those lazy days. My daughter is a great fan of soup recipes, especially creamy soups. I often make creamy chicken soup  at home for my daughter with homemade chicken broth. As soups are healthy and nutritious, i love making soup recipes with veggies too. Some kids dislikes eating veggies in any dishes other than soups like my daughter. She will finish her soup bowl with great enjoyment in minutes without even compelling. Here am with a creamy vegetable soup recipe which is quite easy and simple. Begin by sauteing chopped carrots, chopped beans, cauliflower florets, canned corn kernels over a medium flame for 3 minutes. Add vegetable stock water and cook for a while. Now add milk and cornflour mixture and cook until thick. Later add thick cream to make the soup more rich and delish. Season it with pepper powder, salt and lemon juice and serve the soup piping hot. It is simple right? So lets move on to the complete recipe showing how to make cream of vegetable soup with milk / creamy vegetable soup /vegetable soup recipe / soup recipes vegetarian / simple vegetable soup recipes /veg soup / healthy vegetable soup recipe /creamy soups /cream soup recipes /cream of vegetable soup recipe. 

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Chopped carrot            - quarter a cup
Chopped french beans - quarter a cup
Cauliflower florets      - quarter a cup, sliced thinly
Corn kernels                - 3 tbsp
Garlic                           - 2 big cloves, minced or chopped
Bay leaf                       - 1, for an aroma
Vegetable stock cube   - half a piece mixed in water
Milk                             - 1.5 cups     
Cornflour                     - 1 tbsp 
Thick cream                 - 3 tbsp
Salt                               - to taste
Butter                            - 2 tbsp, melted (can add oil instead)
Pepper powder              - as required for seasoning


  • Set all the ingredients ready aside.
  • Heat butter / veg oil in a non stick pan or wok. Saute chopped carrot, chopped beans, sliced cauliflower florets, minced garlic and bay leaf  for 3 minutes. 
  • To this, add canned corn kernels along with salt.
  • Now add, vegetable stock mixed in quarter cup of water. (you can also add fresh veg stock instead )
  • Cover and cook for a couple of minutes. 
  • When done, add cornflour milk mixture to it (mix together cornflour and milk in a bowl). Add half a cup of water and then stir continuously over a medium low flame until it thickens. 
  • When done, add thick cream and remove from flame after 30 seconds. 
  • Our soup is ready, season it with pepper powder, lemon juice and salt (if required). Serve it piping hot. 

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