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Chicken curry is a common chicken dish around the world. A typical chicken curry starts with roasting onion, ginger garlic paste, green chilies, tomatoes, spices and then chicken is stewed in this roasted gravy. Still the taste, flavour and texture differs from place to place or from region to region.  So here am with a yet another chicken curry recipe . Ayesha's kitchen special chicken curry recipe (Nadan chicken curry). I have shared lots and lots of chicken recipes in my blog. Like roasted chicken, fried chicken, chilli chicken, garlic chicken, baked chicken, grilled chicken, chicken lollipop, chicken popcorn, chicken nuggets, chicken korma, chicken gravy, chicken 65, whole chicken recipes etc. But we all know that curried chicken recipes are our favorite all the time as it calls for simple and humble ingredients. Especially chicken curry prepared with kerala spices has a delicious mouth watering aroma. This fiery nadan chicken curry will surely get u hooked. So here is the recipe showing how to make nadan chicken curry / spicy chicken curry / curried chicken / kerala style chicken curry / indian chicken curry .


Chicken     - 1 kg, cut into small pieces
Onion                         - 2 nos, sliced thinly 
Garlic ginger crushed - 2 tsp
Green chilies               - 1 or 2 nos, slit
Tomato                        - 1, big, sliced
Kashmiri chili powder- 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder         - half tsp
Pepper powder             - 1 tsp
Chopped coriander leaves - 2 tbsp
Coconut oil                        - 1 tbsp to season
Oil                                      - for sauteing 

To roast and grind
Coriander seeds  - 3 tsp
Cinnamon stick  - a small piece
Cloves                - 4 nos
Mace (jathipatri)- 2 nos
Fennel seeds       - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds       - half tsp
Cardamom          - 4 nos
Dried red chilies - 5 nos, add more or less
Scraped coconut - half a cup


  • Dry roast all the ingredients given under ' to roast and grind ' except scraped coconut. Roast them for 3 minutes over a  medium flame. Saute continuously . 
  • Then add scraped coconut to it. Mix well and saute continuously until the mixture turns golden and slight crisp (around 5 minutes ). When done, set aside to cool. 
  • Once cooled, add this mixture to the grinder and grind it to  powder. Then  grind it to a thick paste by adding little water. Set aside.
  • Heat a big vessel with oil and saute the onion, green chili until translucent.
  • Then add crushed ginger garlic. Saute until raw smell disappears.
  • Now add tomato sliced and cook it until mushy. To this add chili powder, turmeric powder, pepper powder and salt. Mix very well. 
  • After a couple of minutes, add the cleaned chicken pieces. Mix well to combine. Let it cook with lid closed. 
  • Add the ground coconut mixture after 5 minutes. Mix it. Add a cup of hot water. Mix it. Close the lid.
  • Let it cook well until the chicken is done. 
  • When done, add chopped coriander leaves.  Sprinkle a tablespoon of coconut oil on the top, this gives an inviting aroma to the curry. (I used virgin coconut oil)
  • Our tasty and spicy traditional nadan chicken curry is ready. 
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