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Smoothies are a healthy and delicious drinks recipe or dessert recipes which can be whipped up in minutes. We can make smoothies with a single fruit or with a combination of fruits. Fruit smoothies are liked by kids and adults equally. Especially smoothies that are blended along with ice cream. Smoothies must have a thick consistency. Here am with yet another Ramadan recipe for Iftar. This dessert recipe with fruits and nuts is one of my successful experiment held in my kitchen. It was just a coincidence but turned out awesome as it looks. I was planning to make mango milkshake recipe for Iftar. But my daughter asked me to whip some banana smoothie for her too. That results in this awesome dessert.  A yummy satisfying sweet treat. The nuts and dates along with sabja seeds give this dessert a unique taste and texture. So here is the recipe showing how to make mango banana crunchy smoothie/smoothie recipes/mango smoothie/ banana smoothie/ mango recipes/ dessert recipes/ drinks recipes/ kids smoothies.

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Mango                - 1, big
Banana                - 1 
Vanilla ice cream - 2 big scoops
Subja seeds/ kuskus /chia seeds - 2 tsp, soak in water (use anyone)
Almond flakes, pistachio slices, dates sliced - as required


  • For this drink, I used sabja seeds soaked in water for 10 minutes. You can also use chia seeds (best for weight loss) or kuskus instead.
  • Peel the mango. Slice it and set aside few finely chopped mango chunks aside for decoration. Blend the remaining mango slices along with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream until smooth and thick. (Use Alphonso or Badami mangoes for such desserts)
  • Take the serving glasses. Add sliced dates, almond flakes, pistachio slices and mango chunks. Add a teaspoon of soaked sabja seeds. Pour the prepared thick mango ice cream smoothie with a spoon. Let it keep refrigerated until you prepare the banana smoothie. 
  • Add banana slices and a big scoop of ice cream to a blender. Blend well until smooth and thick. 
  • Take out the serving glasses from the refrigerator. Add a tablespoon of soaked sabja seeds or chia seeds or kuskus over the mango smoothie layer. 
  • Then pour the banana smoothie over it using a spoon. 
  • Top it with mango chunks, nuts and dates slices

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