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These delicious  crab recipes are simple to make though little messy to eat. Some dislikes crab meat as some are allergic to shellfish recipes. But some people loves crab meat to the core. You can make lots of crab dishes with crab meat like crab cake recipe, crab salad,crab balls, crab pasta recipes like so other than this simple roasted crab. You can make this recipe for crab in a jiffy. As usual saute onion and tomato until mushy along with spices. Cleaned crab  is added to this gravy and is cooked until crab is done.  I just skipped adding ginger garlic paste and other raw spices in this crab roast or crab masala recipe. And so this roasted crab really tastes awesome with an intense flavor of crab meat. Crab roast (njandu roast kerala style) is a very popular seafood delicacy in India especially in Kerala. Kerala toddy shop style njandu roast is very famous seafood delicacy which is very spicy and aromatic. As am crazy of crab meat recipes, my mom used to cook crab recipes whenever am at home. Her roasted crab and pepper fried crab is always spectacular which tastes special always. The only mess with crabs are while eating. Though roasted crab legs recipe is my favorite all the time, i just transferred it to a separate plate after cooking them in the gravy. 

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Fresh crab                 - 1 kg, (video showing how to clean crab)
Onion                        - 5 nos, sliced finely
Chilies                       - 3 nos, chopped (i used less hot red chilies)
Tomato                      - 2 nos, sliced
Turmeric powder         - half tsp
Kashmir chili powder   - 3 tsp
Salt                           - to taste
Curry leaves              - few sprigs
Oil                            - (preferably coconut oil)


  • Clean the crab well (video here ) along with leg pieces and set aside to drain.
  • Heat a non stick vessel with oil (3 tbsp). Add sliced onion and chopped chilies. Saute until onion turns light. To this, add sliced tomatoes and again saute until mushy.
  • When done, add the cleaned and drained crab along with leg pieces . Mix very well.
  • Now add turmeric powder, chili powder and salt. Combine very well.Close the lid and let it cook for 5 minutes. Now open the lid and combine very well. Cook until crab is done. 
  • Now take out the big and small leg pieces and transfer it to a plate (only if required). 
  • Cook the small chambers with crab meat until the gravy turns dark and golden. Add curry leaves and mix well. 
  • Serve hot along with dosa, chapati like so.
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