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Chicken recipes with bell pepper gives a drooling flavor when curried or roasted. As ramadan is almost near by, i thought of sharing some healthy, less spicy, less hot chicken dish to serve for ifthar. Like those who are in diet, these chicken dish cooked in very less olive oil  is a great addition. Hope i can share more healthy ifthar meals / ifthar dishes / ifthar recipes coming days. As am an absolute food lover, i do enjoy cooking as much as i enjoy eating. It is very difficult to find the balance between the two. So mostly i prepare healthy delicious food for my family. While dealing with some innovative or unusual dishes, it is really stressful until we get the desired end result. This chicken dish with chicken thighs is yet another experiment happened in my kitchen. Actually i was planning to make grilled chicken with chicken thighs. Unfortunately, i have abundance of bell peppers and so i thought of something new with chicken and bell peppers. It was really an amazing healthy chicken dish with very less olive oil and less spices. Here i used red chilli flakes and pepper powder for an extra flavorings to the dish. You can still skip the use of red chili flakes in this recipe, if required.  Spicy and fried delicacies are not good during ramadan or while fasting as it will leads to indigestion and acidity. Like so, consumption of oil and deep fried food must be controlled. Just go for some alternatives like air frying, steaming, baking like so. Mmmm, about the recipe -While browsing for a good name for this chicken dish, my eyes got stuck to a chicken recipe namely chicken cacciatore. Chicken cacciatore recipe is very similar to my chicken bell pepper recipe except for white wine. Chicken cacciatore is an Italian chicken dish which uses garlic and bell peppers as the main ingredients. Though this chicken bell pepper recipe is very close to that Italian chicken dish, both have different  taste and flavor. Here is the recipe showing how to make chicken bell peppers recipe /good chicken thigh recipes /chicken thigh easy recipes /ramadan recipes for iftar /iftar ideas / healthy recipes for ramadan /italian food recipes / healthy chicken thigh recipes /recipes for chicken thighs. 


Chicken thighs      - 6 nos, skinless, cleaned and pat dry
Soy sauce                - 1 tbsp
Salt                           - a pinch to taste
Olive oil                   - 2 tbsp

For the gravy
Bell peppers / capsicum - green, yellow, red (sliced thinly)
Garlic chopped       - 6 cloves, chopped
Tomato                     - 1, big, chopped
Chicken stock          - 1.5 cups (can use chicken cube instead)
Pepper powder        - 1 tsp
Red chili flakes        - 1 tbsp


  • For this chicken recipe, chicken thighs is more preferred. Wash the chicken thighs well and pat dry. Poke holes in chicken thighs using a knife. Then marinate it with soy sauce, salt and set aside.
  • Heat a pan with olive oil. Toss the marinated chicken thighs over a medium high flame until both sides turn golden and chicken is half done. Flip occasionally. When done, transfer it to a plate.
  • To the same oil, add capsicum sliced, garlic chopped and saute over a medium low flame until raw smell of garlic goes off. Transfer it to a plate.
  • Again to the same oil (you can add more olive oil if required), add chopped tomato and saute until mushy. When done, add the sauteed chicken and bell pepper garlic mixture. Combine well. Let it cook for 3 minutes.
  • Now pour the chicken stock water (you can also use chicken cube mixed in 1.5 cups of water) and mix very well. Let it cook until the chicken is done and gravy becomes thick. 
  • Once done, sprinkle red chilli flakes and pepper powder. Saute for a minute. Serve hot. Yummy chicken dish and this is my special recipe. Hope you all will enjoy this for sure.

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