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This recipe with mixed pulses is my own preparation. Those who love to include healthy ingredients in your daily diet, then this curry recipe is a must try. Mixed pulses curry with vegetable of your choice cooked in roasted coconut gravy gives a fine aroma and finger licking taste. The roasted coconut powder which i used in this curry recipe is homemade which has shelf life of one months when refrigerated. So that you can add few teaspoons of this coconut powder instantly to any curry recipes like chicken curry, mutton curry, veg curry, beef curry and like so. Indian mixed beans curry can be prepared in many ways. It is very essential to include beans or pulses in our diet for an extra protein and fiber. It is impossible to feed such pulses curry in our kids diet especially in picky eaters diet. But once you make this version, am sure your kids will have them without even compelling. The aroma from the roasted coconut powder makes you to want this more. So do prepare this delicious veg curry with all the goodness of pulses. Here is the recipe showing how to make mixed pulses curry with vegetables /pulses recipes /pulses food /indian recipes vegetarian /indian vegetarian food recipes / vegetarian indian recipes /curried chickpeas /red kidney beans recipe /recipes for kidney beans /how to cook kidney beans /what to make with kidney beans /easy vegetarian curry /varutharacha kadala curry / thenga varutharacha beans curry.

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Green peas                    - half a cup, soak in water
Chick peas / chana        - half a cup, soak in water
White chick peas           - half a cup, soak in water
Red kidney beans          - half a cup, soak in water
Onion                             - 1, big,  sliced
Tomato                           - 1, small, sliced  
Green chilies                  - 2 nos, slit  
Garlic                             - 6 cloves
Potato                             - 1, small, make big sized cubes
Vegetable stock cube      - 1 cube or half a cube
Pepper powder                - 1 tbsp
Curry leaves

To grind
Milk                                  - half a cup


  • Soak all the pulses (chickpeas, green peas, white peas, kidney beans) in water for at least 4 hours (or overnight) in a separate bowls. Wash and drain it. Set aside.
  • Heat oil in the pressure cooker. Saute the sliced onion until soft. To this, add green chilies, sliced tomato, garlic and saute for a couple of minutes. Then add the soaked drained pulses. 
  • To this, add the cubed potatoes (big sized) along with stock cube. Add salt. Combine very well, add a cup of water and pressure cook it for 2 whistles. 
  • Meanwhile grind together roasted coconut powder and milk until smooth. Now once the pressure releases, add this coconut mixture and mix well. You can add half a cup of hot water if the gravy is more thick. Add pepper powder and let it cook for 5 minutes. Then remove from heat. Finally add some curry leaves and sprinkle some pepper powder while serving.
  • This veg gravy with pulses is very healthy and tastes really awesome. I recommend every one to try this recipe for sure.
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