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Hi foodies...Here am sharing the recipe of a simple quick instant bread gulab jamun recipe with the only ingredients bread slices and milk .  It is the quick alternative to the regular gulab jamuns. A very delicious yummy recipe with bread. Once we tried gulab jamun with bread, we never go for any other gulab jamun recipe. Its too simple and perfect. These bread jamun will surely makes your tummy yummy. 

Once i tried one of my friends recipe for bread gulab jamun and it was a great failure as she added baking powder, ghee, milkpowder and all to make a smooth dough. When i fried it, u know what happened??? The balls melts in the oil...OMG....i feel very sad but never lose my hope... SO REMEMBER AND CAREFUL...Do not add any other ingredients other than bread and milk as the bread has all those in it. Finally i got a recipe which is truly trustworthy and never fail recipe. 

Gulab jamun is a traditional dessert, popular in countries of South Asia. It is mainly made from milk solids, and traditionally from freshly curdled milk. Home made gulab jamun is usually made with  milk powder, a pinch of all purpose flour, baking powder, egg and butter which is kneaded to form a smooth dough, mold into small balls, deep fried and then dropped in warm sugar syrup. 


Bread  (use white bread only)   - 8 slices. sides removed
Milk                                          - add accordingly, 6 tbsp or more
Oil for frying

(NOTE: Do not use baling powder or ghee for making dough)


Sugar                           - 1 cup( if using half a cup for less sweet, then add half a cup of water only)
Water                           - 1 cup
Lemon juice                 - few drops
Cardamom powder       - a pinch


  • First we have to prepare the sugar syrup, as the fried jamuns are  dipped in sugar syrup immediately after frying.
  • So make syrup by boiling sugar and water  together in a deep pan and when boiled add lemon juice, cardamom powder, make the flame to very low and  again boil for few minutes stirring occasionally. When it reach one string consistency, switch off the flame.  Set aside.
  • In a bowl, crush all the brush with hand.
  • Add 2 tbsp of milk to it first and mash it lightly.
  • Add milk little by little accordingly to make a smooth dough.
  • Do not add more milk , knead to  a smooth dough by mixing well.
  • Take a small portion of the prepared dough(a small lemon sized) and make small round balls. It must be smooth without cracks. If cracks, u must knead the dough more.
  • Make all balls the same way.
  • Heat oil in a pan. The oil must not be too hot, as it will result in a hard jamun. So heat  oil in a medium flame, then lower the heat, add the balls, fry for 2 minutes in a low flame, increase the flame to medium heat and then  fry it until golden. Make sure that the balls are fried evenly  and you must turn the balls continuously while frying  for the perfect jamun. 
  • Now add the fried balls to a paper towel and then  to the prepared syrup and finally boil the gulab jamun in the syrup in a very low flame for 2 - 3  minutes( THIS MAKES THE JAMUNS SOFT)
  • The perfect simple bread gulab jamun ready.

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