Thursday, May 26, 2016


Lets have some refreshing Indian drink or dessert today. Falooda is very popular among most of the Indians and has a special place among Desserts in restaurant menu card. Though i love to have some sweets after my meal, the names like royal falooda, rose falooda, Phirni falooda compels me to order one .  So lets learn the recipe of mango falooda today.  
Mango Falooda is the perfect summer dessert with mango and the basic falooda ingredients like rose syrup, falooda seev , vermicelli and sabja / basil seed and ice cream. It is equally popular in India as well as countries around the world. The origin of faluda is basically from Persia, and this dessert came to India along with the muslim merchants that settled in India from Persia. It is very similar to the thai drink Manglak.
Lets come to the recipe. All u need for mango falooda is some mango puree, chopped mangoes and some other fruits, rose syrup (which gives a fine fragrance and flavor), mango ice cream or normal ice cream, sabja seed , milk, milkmaid and falooda sev or vermicelli. Here is the recipe showing how to make yummy delicious Mango falooda.

INGREDIENTS (For 2 medium cups)

Mango puree                                          - half a cup
Mango chopped                                     - half a cup
Mixed fruits chopped                            - half a cup
Rose syrup                                             - few drops
Milk                                                       - 1 cup, chilled
Condensed milk (milkmaid sweetened)-  3 tbsp
Subja seed / basil seed / kuskus             - 2 tsp in half a cup of water
Falooda sev / vermicelli                         - here half a cup vermicelli is used. If u are using sev, then take 3 tbsp and cook as per instructions
Sugar                                                       - as per required
Ice cream                                                 - 2 scoops, i used mango ice cream 


  • Firstly set everything ready. So chop the mango (1 mango)and blend it well without adding water and sugar. So puree ready.
  • Now blend chilled milk and sugar (as per sweet). When done add the milkmaid and mango puree to it and mix well. The consistency must be same like that of a smoothie. 
  • Then prepare the falooda sev or vermicelli by boiling them in water until they are cooked. Rinse them in tap water and drain using strainer. Let it cool to room temperature.
  • Soak the subja or basil seed in water for 10 minutes or less. Later strain them with a strainer. Set aside.
  • Add few drops (3 drops) of rose syrup in a bowl and mix it with 1 tbsp of water . Set aside.
  • Now the assembling of falooda.
  • In a serving glass, add few drops of prepared rose syrup.
  • Then add  1 tbsp of falooda sev or vermicelli cooked .
  • Then add 1 tbsp of soaked subja seed / basil seed.
  • Now add some chopped fruits.
  • Now pour the prepared mango milk mixture.
  • Repeat the layers again.
  • And finally top it with a scoop of ice cream, chopped mangoes and some nuts for garnishing.
  • Serve mango falooda immediately.

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