Thursday, November 12, 2015


An all time favorite nostalgic snacks recipes which can made in two versions, Sweet and savory...This snack is named as Chattipathiri / Athishaya pathil. A very famous and traditional Kerala recipe which is very popular in Malabar region. An easy snack recipes for parties as it feeds a crowd. One of the best snack ideas for kids as they love those pretty layers stuffed with sweet coconut fillings. So just try this tasty snack. 
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For the pancake/ pathiri----------------------
All purpose flour /Maida               - 1 cup

For the sweet filling--------------
Coconut grated             - 1 cup
Egg                               - 2 nos + 2 nos( for coating / dipping)
Cashews , Almonds      - as required , chopped ( and few for                                                        decoration)
Milk                             - 4 tbsp 
Sugar                           - 4 tbsp


for the pancake /pathiri-----------
  • Mix the flour ( maida ) with hot water and salt. Make a dough using 1 tbsp ghee. ( OR u can put flour , salt and some water in a grinder and grind finely like dosa batter . If so , make some big thin dosa with this batter and keep it aside).
  • Let the chappatti dough rest for half an hour.
  • Now make some( 5 - 6 nos...or more )thin pancakes /chappatti with the dough and cook them in a tawa lightly.
  • Keep it aside closed.( if it is not closed, the chappatti will become hard).
for the sweet fillings----------
  • Heat ghee in a pan and roast cashews, almonds for decoration. Keep it aside.
  • Now dry roast grated coconut , chopped nuts and sugar for few minutes.
  • Beat two eggs and add it with the roasted coconut and then scramble it well till done.  Add sugar according to your taste.
  • Now the sweet filling is ready. Keep it aside.
for the coating----------------
  • Beat the eggs with milk, sugar and a pinch salt.
  • Heat a pan and when hot apply some ghee.
  • Make the flame very low 
  • Now dip the half cooked pancake /chappatti in this egg batter and layer it on the hot frypan .
  • Sprinkle some sweet coconut  fillings over the first layer.
  • Again take another pancake /chappatti , dip in egg batter and then again sprinkle some sweet mixture over it.
  • Continue this process till all pancakes /pathiri get placed over the other. Finally pancake / Pathiri must be on the top .
  • Garnish with roasted nuts or raisins and pour the remaining egg batter over the pancake /pathiri  and its edges and just press all the edges carefully.
  • Now make the flame to medium and cook with lid closed for 10 minutes.
  • Flip the other side and cook for other 10 minutes. (this process can be done by flipping to another hot fry pan).
  • Once cooled cut into desired shapes. 

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