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Squid recipes / Calamari recipe is something innovative and interesting. Here is yet another incredibly simple and delicious stuffed calamari recipe. If you can get your hands on such small calamari (squid), try out this stuffed calamari tubes recipe. This recipe reminds you that Calamari/squid aren't  just for frying or breading. As am very fond of squid, I love innovations and creative in squid recipes as well like baked calamari recipe, squid salad and so on. Hope I can share those recipes soon. Here is the recipe showing how to make stuffed squid/calamari recipe. Enjoy creative cooking....

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Squid/calamari     - 1 kg (cleaned and head removed)

For stuffing

Broken rice              - 1 cup (raw rice, not cooked)
Grated coconut        - 1 cup
Small onion              - 15 nos, finely chopped
Garlic                       - 4 pods, finely chopped
Fenugreek               - 2 tsp
Green chilies          - 1 , finely chopped


  • Mix together all the ingredients for stuffing in a large bowl.
  • Stuff the cleaned squid with this stuffing and tie or close the end with 2 toothpicks as shown in the image.
  • Do not overstuff the squid as it will break while cooking.
  • Boil some water in a large vessel and add enough salt when boiled.
  • Add the stuffed squid to the boiling water.
  • Cook on a medium flame for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Check occasionally as there is a chance of breaking.
  • When done drain water and serve.

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