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Malabar Neer dosa / Ari dosa / Rice dosa

Malabar Neer dosa / Ari dosa / Rice dosa

                Neer dosa, basically it is the rice dosa only but it is named as neer dosa as its batter is very thin as the consistency of flowing water. In Malabar, Neer dosa is the most popular breakfast in almost all areas. It is very easy and simple breakfast as there is no fermentation. Moreover, instead of soaked rice, we can also use rice powder alone to make delicious neer dosa.
Malabar Neer dosa / Ari dosa / Rice dosa

Malabar Neer dosa / Ari dosa / Rice dosaMalabar Neer dosa / Ari dosa / Rice dosa


Raw rice                                 - 1 cup, soaked in water for 6 hours
Rice powder                           - half a cup
Grated coconut                      - half a cup
Salt                                         - to taste
Oil                                          - 4 tbsp


  • Wash and drain the soaked rice and grind it  along with half cup of water to a fine paste.
  • Now take a bowl and mix together rice powder, grated coconut and salt.
  • Add a little hot water to it, and with your hands press tightly and knead it well to a smooth batter.
  • Now add the finely ground paste to this slowly and mix well without any lumps. Add enough water to make a thin batter. The batter must have a flowing water consistency. This is the traditional way of making neer dosa batter. 
  • The other method is that you can also simply add rice flour, grated coconut to the ground paste of raw rice and again grind together with little water to a thin batter. But i prefer the traditional way as it tastes better.
  • Now heat a nonstick pan/neer dosa tawa/ cast iron tawa. (Neer dosa tawa is prefered).
  • When hot grease the tawa well with oil ( but if it is nonstick pan you can just pour 4 tbsp oil in the pan and grease the pan well and pour it to the dosa batter. so that no need of greasing after each dosas).
  • Now pour a ladle full of batter by rotating the ladle with batter to cover the whole pan.
  • The batter should coat the pan in a thin layer.
  • Cover the pan and let it cook for few seconds. And then open the lid and again let it cook for a while. Do not take out dosa immediately after opening the lid.
  • Once it is done take the dosa out with a spatula and store in a hot case and now again grease the tawa,( but for a nonstick pan, no need of greasing as we already poured hot oil to the batter).
  •  Serve hot with egg roast, potato curry, green peas curry and of-course with fried fish or chicken.

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