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Pull me up burger is a cheesy, delicious burger with crispy, saucy chicken patties. The cheesy cream spilling all over the burger is a mouth-watering sight. The chicken patties are saucy and crunchy and taste wonderful when combined with the flavours of the burger. The chicken burger with the cheesy cream will be a favourite of children and adults alike.

Pull me up burger
pull me up burger


  • Chicken

  • Burger buns

  • Egg – 1 no

  • Crispy Chicken mix from Crust and Crumb

  • Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp

  • Chilli sauce – 1 tbsp

  • Kashmiri chilli powder – 1 tsp

  • Sugar

  • Red chilli flakes

  • Chilli powder

  • Turmeric powder

  • Salt

  • Butter

  • Maida – 2 tsp

  • Milk – 2 cups

  • Cheese slice – 1 no

  • Mayonnaise

  • Lettuce

  • Onion

pull me burger 2


Chicken patties

Flatten the chicken breast piece and cut it into thin slices. Flatten the slices to make them similar to a fillet. Wash the fillet well and drain the water fully. Beat one egg. Take the crispy chicken mix from Crust and Crumb in a bowl. Dip each chicken fillet in the egg. Then coat it in the chicken mix. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Usually, chicken patties are deep-fried. Here, I am going to prepare crispy, saucy chicken patties. For this, I will be coating the fried chicken in the sauce. So instead of deep-frying the chicken, I will be frying it in a frying pan. Pour enough oil into the frying pan. Flatten the fillets and fry them over a medium flame until both sides are golden.

Heat a pan and melt some butter in it. Mix 2 tbsp of tomato sauce, 1 tbsp of chilli sauce, 1 tsp of Kashmiri chilli powder, some sugar and red chilli flakes with some water and make a thick sauce. Pour this sauce into the warm butter. Add the fried chicken patties to the sauce. Cook them and coat the chicken with the sauce over a low flame. Make it dry.

pull me up burger
Pull me up burger

Cheese cream

Melt some butter in a pan. You can also use sunflower oil instead of butter. Add 2 tsp of maida to the pan and mix well. Maintain a low flame. Little, by little, pour 2 cups of milk and combine the mix well. The lumps in the mix will disappear when we mix it. Add one cheese slice to the mix. It is better not to add more cheese slices as it might make the mix thicker upon cooling. Since we don’t need stretchy texture, we need not use mozzarella cheese. Also, mozzarella cheese will make the mix too thick. Cheddar cheese will also make the mix too thick. So cheese slice is the perfect option. Add a little chilli powder for the flavour and colour. Add a little salt. We don’t want the cheese cream to be salty. When the cheese cream attains a flowing consistency, remove the flame. Let it cool down. 

After the cheese cream has cooled, blend it in a blender and pour it back into the pan. Heat the cheese cream to obtain the right consistency. This will prevent the cheese cream from thickening. Take a little turmeric powder on a plate and mix it with a little of the cheese cream. Mix this paste with the cheese cream. This is to obtain yellow colour. Instead of turmeric powder, you can use food colour.

Please find the video of how to make pull me up burger below:


Cut the burger bun into two. Apply mayonnaise inside the burger bun. You can also use cheese cream instead of mayonnaise. Layer onion slices over it. Place the crispy, saucy fried chicken. Place lettuce and two slices of tomatoes. Place a slice of cheese. Spread some mayonnaise on the other burger bun and close it. You can layer the burger as you like. It is good to heat the burger but I did not. 

Place a cup or anything with a round top and bottom over the burger. Lightly press the cup and firmly place it on the burger. Pour the cheese cream into the cup. Sprinkle some black sesame seeds over it.

The pull me up burger is ready. Pull the cup up to spill the delicious cheese cream over the burger and have a big, tasty bite!