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Today I am sharing a very useful Recipe.

In this blog, I am sharing how to easily prepare the chicken stock which we use for many recipes.

We won't have to buy chicken stock anymore.

We can prepare it easily at home. Let us see how to do that.


Let us see how to prepare chicken stock.

I have taken 400 g of chicken.

These are the measurements for that.

We need two medium sized onions.

If the onion is big, take one only.

I have taken two small ones.

So either take two small onions or take one big onion.

Take one medium sized tomato.

Take one handful of garlic.

It is okay if you take more garlic.

Take one piece of ginger.

Take half piece of a carrot.

Peel it and cut it to 4 big pieces.

I have taken two colour capsicum. It gives an aroma.

Try to add it. It is okay if you don't use it too.

Take care to cut the carrot to big pieces.

Take 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds, 1 teaspoon pepper and 2 - 3 cardamoms.

All these measurements are for 400 g chicken.

I have taken 400 g chicken. There are pieces with skin and without skin.

When we prepare chicken, we won't need the wings.

I have taken 4 wings.

This looks like this since it is frozen chicken.

I have taken 2 thighs.

There is 400 g chicken in total.

It is better to cook items like this in a pressure cooker since we have to cook for a long time.

We can prepare without using the pressure cooker too.

Pressure cooker is better to cook quickly.

Add chicken to the pressure cooker.


Chop the tomato into big pieces and add to it. We don't have to slice it finely.

Chop tomato to big pieces and add to it.

We can add vinegar instead of tomato.

If you are adding vinegar, don't add it now.

Then, prepare this without tomato and add vinegar when we thicken it in the end.

I am adding tomato only.

We need tomato to get a country style taste.

Slice the ginger and add to it.

I have added the garlic without chopping.

I have added four pieces of carrot.

Add the carrot as big pieces.

Add the capsicum too.

Add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, pepper and cardamom.

Add some salt only.

The salt is for namesake only. Since we are adding it to curries, the salty flavour shouldn't be excessive.

Add water upto the top of all of it.

We need some stock and we have to dry it up.

So add water upto this level.

Pressure cook it till 3 whistles.

Keep it over a medium flame and wait for 3 whistles.

If we are not using the pressure cooker, we have to cook it in an ordinary pan for 1 - 2 hours.

I am opening it after the pressure from 3 whistles is gone.

There is this much water.

The chicken is well cooked.

I am switching on the flame and cooking it again.

When we are preparing soup, we take this water out before mashing all these.

We prepare fresh soup with that water.

Since we have to store this, we need the flavour of the chicken well in it.

So boil it well over a high flame for 10 minutes.

The chicken will be well cooked by now. Still, we have to boil it.

Remove the carrot pieces before that.

If we cook carrot for a long time, it will be mashed.

Then the stock will have the colour of the carrot.

We have to remove the carrot.

We have to cook everything else over a high flame for 10 minutes.

There is no problem if we add the carrot to it.

The chicken stock will have the flavour of the carrot. That's all.

Boil it well.

Mix well with a spatula.

The chicken is well cooked.

It will have an aroma since we added capsicum.

The chicken stock is ready.

Move it to a bowl through a sieve.

Squeeze all the juice out of it. Just the juice is enough.

We don't need the remaining parts.

Some might blend it and add.

We don't have to do that.

Then the stock won't come out well.

It is better to take the liquid alone.

Squeeze it as much as possible.

I have squeezed it well through the sieve.

We got this much stock.

There will be a lot of water content in it.

We have to thicken it. Since we will be storing it, we have to cook it well.

I am heating a pan for it.

We have to pour oil to it.

Don't add coconut oil. The flavour of coconut oil will be present.

Use sunflower oil or corn oil. I am using corn oil.

I am using corn oil because I buy corn oil these days. I don't buy sunflower oil.

You can add sunflower oil if you have it.

Keep the flame at the lowest after the pan is heated and we pour the oil.

We are adding some powders to it. It shouldn't burn. So keep the flame low.

Add 3 teaspoons of cornflour to the oil.

When we add the cornflour, it shouldn't be thick

If it is thick, pour some more oil.

We need it like this.

I have added 3 teaspoons of corn flour.

Mix the corn flour well with the oil.

Since it is a low flame, we won't feel like it is heated.

It is okay. Mix well. It doesn't have to boil.

Add 1 teaspoon of garam masala.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder.

Mix well.

We have to add garam masala in more quantity than others.

All these measurements depend on the quantity of the chicken.

When there is the flavour of garam masala, it will have a unique taste.

We have mixed it over a low flame.

We are adding the stock to it.

Then we can increase the flame.

Mix well.

It will be slightly thick only.

There is a lot of water in it. The water should evaporate and this should thicken.

I am adding some more garam masala since I added less garam masala at first.

Mix well.

We are cooking it over a medium flame.

Don't keep it over a high flame. Then it will stick to the bottom.

We have to cook it for 20 minutes.

We don't have to keep stirring. But check it once in a while.

If there isn't much water, it will thicken quickly.

Since I poured sufficient water, I have to thicken it.

Since we have to store it, we should cook it well before making it to stock.

If we prepare it quickly, it will be spoilt soon.

It is watery now.

It should become thick. We have to cook till then.

Do the next step when the water has dried up and it has thickened slightly.

Take 1 tablespoon cornflour and mix it well with water.

Don't take too much cornflour.

1 tablespoon is enough.

We should add corn flour according to the amount of stock we take.

Add it to the stock when the water has dried up and it has thickened slightly.

Now we have to stir continuously or it will stick to the bottom.

It has thickened quickly.

When we add the cornflour and mix, it will be loose.

Then we should mix it once in a while with the spatula.

We have to mix it till it has the texture of a halwa. It should get separated from the bottom.

We have to cook it till it gets separated from the sides when we mix with the spatula.

It has thicken some more.

We still have to cook some more.

Anyway, it will take around 20 minutes for thickening well.

We have to prepare it once only. But prepare in a large quantity.

Since we haven't added preservatives, we can store it in the freezer for 30 days.

It is better to finish it quickly.

We shouldn't store it for long without preservatives.

Check if it will separate in the sides.

It is getting more separated from the pan.

It isn't coming fully right.

We have to cook some more.

As you can see now, it has the texture of halwa now.

It is getting separated from the sides easily.

We need this consistency.

The stock is ready.

It is very thick now. Remove the flame now.

I am spreading some oil in a glass tray and pouring the stock to it.

We can use any tray.

I am also using an ice tray. We can prepare as single pieces in it.

The ice tray is better. If you don't have it, use a steel/glass plate.

Spread oil in it and pour the stock into it using a spoon.

If it is like this, we will get right measurements.

When we are cooking any dish, we will need about 2 cubes.

We haven't added any preservatives or addictives.

This is fresh chicken stock.

We can add this to many dishes - noodles, biriyani, chicken curry or vegetable curry to et the chicken flavour.

I have poured to glass tray and ice tray.

We can move it to the freezer when it has cooled down.

We have to keep it in the freezer for 5 -6 hours.

Then we can pack it.

I am keeping it in the freezer and covering it with an aluminium foil.

Cover it with aluminium foil like this.

It has set well after 5 -6 hours.

Keep it in the freezer itself. Only then it will set well.

We can take it out one by one as cubes from the ice tray.

When we buy, we will get it as square pieces.

I am using this tray to get it in that shape.

When we use an ice tray, we can take it out and use it easily.

It has solidified since we kept it in the freezer.

If we keep it in room temperature for a while, it will melt.

We have to use it before that.

We store it in the freezer.

We can take it out one by one as needed.

We can cut out pieces from the tray and use.

We have to use chicken stock in many recipes.

When we prepared Mandi, we added chicken stock only as masala.

Many had told then that they don't buy chicken stock as it is bad for health.

I hope this will be useful for you when you prepare dishes for which chicken stock is must and we cannot buy it.

Many had asked in the youtube video of Mandi recipe how to prepare chicken stock at home.

It is simple to prepare.

We can easily prepare it if we have some chicken.

It will be very useful if we store it like this.

We can cover it in aluminium foil and store. Then we can use each piece.

Else place butter paper in a plastic container and store it with the cubes not touching each other.

We can cover it using butter paper instead of aluminium foil.

We will need two cubes of chicken stock when we add it to dishes.

We have to add two pieces of this chicken stock instead of one piece of chicken stock we buy.

We are not adding addictives/tastemakers into it.

I hope all of you liked today's recipe.

Try the recipe and let me know your feedback.

See you soon with another recipe  Bye! Thank you!

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