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Simple bread sweet

Bread is the most versatile ingredient in Our kitchen shelf. We can make different variety of snacks, desserts and yummy dishes using bread. Like bread pudding ( you can check my video for simple bread pudding recipes), bread pakoda, bread gulab Jamun, bread kunafa, bread roll, bread chicken roll, bread sandwich, bread dosa, bread upma, bread toast, bread sandwich cake ( pls check my video for the same), etc. Let's make a simple and very quick bread snack today. This is a sweet snack and is very easy to make with very handy ingredients. The only ingredient which u require for making this Snack is bread. I have shared lots of innovative and creative recipes with Bread. Bread lasagna, bread chicken sandwich cake, bread banana roast, bread pudding in my own style, coleslaw sandwich using bread, bread chicken pakoda, etc. All these recipes are very tasty and I highly recommend to try those bread recipes. Kids love to have bread for their snack box and this snack is one among the same. You can refrigerate this snack for 2 to 3 days. So do make this snack for your kids and enjoy their cute smiley face. 

Bread snack bread recipes desserts recipes party snacks quick bread snack easy bread toast

Bread snack bread recipes desserts recipes party snacks quick bread snack easy bread toast

Bread snack bread recipes desserts recipes party snacks quick bread snack easy bread toast


Bread - 10 nos or more 
Powdered cashews and pistachios - as required
Oil for frying  

For sugar syrup

Sugar  - half a cup
Water - 1 cup
Cardamom - 2 nos


Please watch the below video 

  • Using a heart shaped cookie cutter cut the bread into heart-shaped pieces. Discard the sides of the bread. You can cut into square pieces discarding the sides or any shapes of your choice.
  • Set aside ready the powdered cashew and pistachios. ( Here I dry roasted few cashews and few pista slices over a very low flame and then powdered it once cooled slightly)
  • Boil sugar, water and cardamom for 5 minutes. Just a sticky consistency is enough. Do not boil for more. 
  • Heat a pan with oil for deep frying and once hot, make the flame to medium-low. Fry the heart shaped bread pieces until both sides turn golden and crisp. Once done transfer the fried bread to a plate. 
  • Fry the rest of the bread pieces and set aside.
  • When done, add the fried bread to the slightly warm sugar syrup ( do not heat the syrup) and take out immediately. Do not dip for long which is very important. 
  • Once done, transfer it to another plate. Coat each bread ( which is immersed in syrup) in powdered nuts. Do it one by one. 
  • Serve hot or chilled. 

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