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Milk powder Tea/ Milk Tea

Tea is the popular and all time favorite hot beverage to most of us.  In South India, each households has their own way for making Tea. Some prefer strong tea for a refreshing feel while some prefer very light tea. I guess majority of my readers are Tea lovers like me. A nice cup of tea must warm you up on a heavy rainy day.  A tea can really change my mood. I love to have a strong tea or strong chai ( Chaya) in the morning and in the evening for a refreshing feel.  Like so, some people love to have milk in their tea while some loves having milk powder instead. 
I used to make tea using milk powder and sometimes with fresh milk. Now a days you can see various types of plain or flavored tea powder. I prefer using Red label tea powder for making a nice cup of milk tea or milk powder tea ( chai ). Like so , I prefer using Nido milk powder, Anchor milk powder , Rainbow​ milk powder for making my tea. If in Kerala, I prefer using Amulya milk powder also. This recipe for tea calls for milk powder or Fresh milk,  sugar and tea powder for making the perfect tea. Some prefer creamy and frothy tea while some need their tea to be very light . So in that case, add  fresh milk alone for a creamy tea and add some water along with fresh milk for a light tea. Enjoying a cup of hot strong tea is one of the simplest pleasures in our life, I think. Some will think that making a fine and perfect tea is the easiest work in the pantry. But it's not that easy to prepare a nice cup of tea without knowing the correct measurement and proportion for tea powder, milk powder and water or milk. It is very important that the ingredients should be in proportion. Here are some tips for making the perfect tea. Do try this tea recipes at home and enjoy . Let's see how to make South Indian tea / Indian chai / street food stall tea/ tea stall tea/ milk tea etc..
Tea recipes Indian tea chai recipe South Indian tea perfect milk tea milk powder tea

Tea recipes Indian tea chai recipe South Indian tea perfect milk tea milk powder tea

Tea recipes Indian tea chai recipe South Indian tea perfect milk tea milk powder tea


For preparing 1 cup of tea ( 1 cup =150 ml)

Tea powder ( red label) -  1 tsp , heaped 
Milk powder   - 2 tbsp, levelled or flat 
Sugar - 1 tbsp, levelled or flat 
Water - 1.5 cups


Here is the video for making Tea

  • Heat water in a steel pot . 
  • Once it starts to boil, add tea powder. Boil it for a minute. 
  • Meanwhile, add milk powder and sugar in a large steel cup.
  • Once the tea powder is cooked very well, remove from flame. Pour the prepared tea to the large steel cup. 
  • Pour the hot strong tea to the steel cup from top. 
  • Repeat it a couple of times. This makes the tea creamy and frothy.
  • I don't like to strain my tea. 
  • Pour it to the serving cup. Serve hot. 


For preparing 2 cups of Milk tea


Milk  - 2.5 cups
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Tea powder - 2 tsp 
Water - 1 cup


  • Boil milk and water in a sauce pan. 
  • Boil very well. Once it starts to boil, add sugar. Mix well.
  • Then add tea powder and let it cook for a minute.
  • Pour the prepared tea to a large steel cup from top.
  • Repeat it a couple of times. 
  • Pour it to the serving glass. Serve hot.

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