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Overnight oats recipe

Do not ever skip your breakfast meal even on those lazy or busy days. Instead, go for this simple yet healthy breakfast oats. Sometimes, we will sacrifice our health for the sake of convenience by heating up frozen meals. We don't want to waste our valuable time in the kitchen,  making breakfast. Like so, we all know that shedding weight by cutting down the breakfast is not at all good for health. Still many of us are very careless about our breakfast. So for those who want to whip up their breakfast meal within minutes without sacrifice on taste, here is my healthy weight loss recipe that will be ready in no time and help you to shed weight. You can check my blog for many other weight loss recipes and overnight oats recipes. Here i used chia seeds, cocoa powder, and greek yogurt for this no cooking oats recipe. Do you know the health benefits of cocoa powder? It is not just a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth but it is also a way to shed weight when used in moderation. So let us see how to make overnight oats with yogurt and cocoa powder.

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overnight oats with yogurt and cocoa powder weight loss oats recipes quaker oats yummy coconut milk recipes breakfast recipes


Quaker oats    - 1 cup
Low-fat milk  - 1 cup + quarter a cup (if required)
Yogurt      - quarter a cup
Chia seed - 3  tsp
Unsweetened cocoa powder - 1 tbsp or more
Dates puree - 3 tbsp (for sweetness)
Apple - 1, chopped
Grapes - as required (or can use any fruits of your choice)


Here is the video showing how to make overnight oats with yogurt

  • In a jar (i took a big one which serves two) add quaker oats along with a cup of low-fat milk or Almond milk and yogurt. Combine well with a spoon. To this, add chia seeds and again mix well to combine. Keep it in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours or preferably overnight. 
  • The next day, transfer it to a bowl and add quarter a cup of low-fat milk, mix well. (it is optional only. I love a semi-thick consistency and so i prefer this way.) 
  • To this, add cocoa powder and dates puree (soak 5 dates in warm water and squeeze it well with hands and pass it through a strainer to get the puree).  Again mix well. Here dates puree is used for the sweetness and so use accordingly. 
  • SERVE - Now take two serving bowls, add some chopped apple and grapes, pour this oats mixture, and drizzle some dates puree and serve. Yummy overnight oats ready.

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