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Here is a perfect flavorful shrimp salad recipe along with your summer meal. This elegant shrimp salad will definitely attracts the crowd for sure. Hence this is one of my favorite salad recipe when i have guests. Every meal must be special. Especially for lunch meal, these salads are great to satisfy our hunger. Salad is a dish which is served at any point during a meal. There are different categories of salads like main course salads, side salads, appetizer salads, dessert salads etc. The sauce used to flavor a salad is commonly called as salad dressing. This simple shrimp salad is served without any salad dressing or sauce. Just served with a dash of salt, pepper and vinegar.  

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Shrimp / prawns       - 10 to 12 nos, medium sized, keep the tail on
Lettuce leaves                    - chopped medium sized, 1 cup
Bell pepper                         - chopped into large chunks, half of one
Cauliflower florets             - few florets
Tomato                               - half a tomato, chopped into big pieces
Cucumber                           - 1, chopped into medium chunks
Olive oil                              - 1 tsp + 1 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste
Lemon juice if required

Chili powder                         - half tsp
Garlic powder                       - quarter tsp
Soy sauce                              - half tsp
Tomato sauce                        - half tsp


  • Marinate the cleaned and deveined prawns with all the ingredients giver under ' for marinating prawns'. Set aside.
  • Heat a pan with 1 tsp of olive oil. Stir fry or toss the cauliflower florets for 5 minutes over a medium flame. Then set aside. 
  • To the same pan, add a teaspoon of olive oil. Fry the marinated prawns until both sides are done. Set aside. 
  • Lets start making the salad - Add the chopped lettuce to the serving plates .
  • Sprinkle some chopped bell peppers.
  • Top it with chopped tomato, cucumber and stir fried cauliflower florets. Sprinkle some pepper powder, salt and lemon juice .
  • Add the rest of chopped bell pepper.
  • Then top the salad with fried prawns. 
  • Mix well and serve with a drizzle of your favorite dressing or as it is. It is really delicious. 

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