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Here am sharing a sweet treat for all those sweet tooth guys. A Malabar sweet (Kerala recipes) which is known as neyvada in malabar region with a crispy crust and soft juicy inside. I searched google for a perfect recipe of neyy vada but it is surprising that am unable to find even a single recipe of neyy vada. May be it is known by some other names. But still the name ney vada is very popular among Malabar sweets or desserts.

 It is very similar to the Indian desserts Balushahi and Badusha (diwali sweets recipes). The recipe is almost same like balushahi except the addition of egg and ghee. Bhalushahi and badusha are famous sweets among South Indian sweets. As the name implies (neyy means ghee and vada means ball shaped dish) , Neyy vada must be kneaded well with ghee and egg mixture without any exception.   This will be an easy sweet snack recipe if you follow the same measurements.  You can also try this quick sweet snacks for parties too. For sure, it will attract crowd.

This sweet vada recipe drives me crazy these days. Do you know why? This is the one among my hubby's favorite sweet snacks which i tried for days to reach the perfection. Finally i succeeded and made the perfect sweet ney vada.  Hope you all will try this yummy sweet ney vada (may be called by some other names). Here is the recipe of easy Indian sweet recipes / easy mithai recipes /easy sweet treats / sweet snack to make / how to make sweet vada / neyyvada. 


Firstly let me say that these measurements are accurate. So no need of adding more or less of  these given ingredients.

All purpose flour (maida)     - 2 cups, medium sized 

Baking powder                      - 1 tsp
Baking soda                           - quarter tsp
Butter                                     - 2 tbsp, softened
Ghee                                       - half a cup, melted
Yogurt                                     - 3 tbsp
Sugar                                      - 2 tbsp
Egg                                         - 1
Milk                                         - use only if needed for kneading (i did not used. And for those who want to substitute yogurt can use milk instead)
Oil / ghee                                - for deep frying


Sugar                                       - 2 medium cups
Water                                        - 1 cup
Lemon juice                              - 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder                   - a pinch


  • Take a wide bowl add  all purpose flour, baking powder and baking soda. SIEVE them before adding. This is very important.
  • To this add softened butter and mix it well in the flour mixture with your fingers .
  • To this, add the melted ghee and mix it well LIKE BREAD CRUMBS. The ghee must be mixed well with the flour. Be careful - DO NOT KNEAD NOW but mix well with fingers to form fine bread crumbs.
  • Now whisk egg, curd and sugar very well in a bowl.  Add this egg mixture little by little to the flour mixture and KNEAD WELL to form a very soft dough. The dough must be kneaded very well . When done, set aside for HALF AN HOUR, must be COVERED. Do not skip this step.
  • So meanwhile make the sugar syrup. Heat sugar and water in a pan. Let it boil and form one string consistency. Add lemon juice and cardamom powder. Mix well and off the flame.
  • After half an hour, heat a small nonstick pan with oil /ghee for frying . I PREFER NON STICK PAN than a normal wok. Once hot, make the FLAME  LOW. This step is very important else results in an inner uncooked neyy vadas.
  • Now make small balls with this soft dough. DO NOT KNEAD  at this stage, but roll to form SMALL BALLS within your palms. Slowly FLATTEN and make HOLE in the middle. Dip in the oil one by one. Repeat the same with rest of the dough. FRY in batches. 
  • Flip the other side after 2 or 3 minutes. Fry on a LOW FLAME UNTIL GOLDEN. Do not fry in medium or high heat. 
  • When done, DRAIN to a paper towel and then put them in warm SUGAR SYRUP FOR 5 MINUTES  or until the next batch is fried. (you can heat the sugar syrup for a minute if it is cooled)
  • Then TRANSFER it to plate and CHILL for one hour or set aside to cool down and serve.  It (the outer part)will be very soft when eating immediately but once cooled, the crust becomes crispy with sweet softness inside. 
  • It tasted very very nice, soft, juicy with crispiness the next day.
  • Can be refrigerated for 2-3 days. 
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