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Chicken tikka is very popular dish around the world. Like so, chicken tikka masala is my favorite spicy chicken gravy to side with ghee rice and chapati. Though i love to have chicken tikka as its own, in some occasions, gravy plays an important role. For dinner meal, we need some gravy to finish our chapati or any rice recipes. Isn't it? In such cases, i prefer chicken tikka masala which is flavor filled curry recipe. This roasted chunks of chicken tikka in a spicy sauce is not a quick or instant chicken recipe. But it is worth enough. It is among the UK's most popular dishes. The chicken chunks are baked in a tandoori oven before adding it to the spicy creamy sauce. But here i grilled them on a tawa or non stick pan so that every one can give this yummy chicken dish a try. Though each recipes varies, this is a quick and simple version for tikka masala. I have tried yet another chicken tikka masala recipe also. Hope i can share the recipe soon with you guys. You can also try paneer tikka masala recipe too. So hope you all guys really enjoyed this spicy chicken tikka masala recipe. 

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To marinate the chicken

Chicken (boneless)             - 400 g, (u can use chicken breast)
Bell peppers                        - few cubes, optional
Curd / yogurt                      - half a cup
Red chili powder                - 1 tbsp (can add more, i used less)
Turmeric powder                - half tsp
Garam masala powder        - half tsp
Ginger garlic taste               - 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder              - quarter tsp
Vinegar                                 - 2 tsp
Red food color if required, i skipped that
Gram flour / besan  - 1 tbsp, if grilling on stove top

For the gravy

Onion                                     - 1, small, finely chopped
Ginger and garlic chopped     - 1 tbsp, can use paste also
Tomato puree                 - 2 ripe tomatoes , make puree by grinding
Garam masala powder             - half tsp
Kashmir chili powder               - 1 tbsp
Milk                                          - half a cup
Cream                                       - 2 tsp
Butter                                        - 2 tbsp
Kasuri methi                              - 1 tsp
Sugar                                         - half tsp
Chopped cilantro / coriander leaves


  • Combine together all the ingredients given under 'to marinate chicken ' and marinate the chopped chicken pieces with this marinade well. Keep this overnight, refrigerated.
  • The next day, take out the chicken. Let it comes to room temperature.  And then grill in an oven for 20 minutes. Here i grilled on stove top. So i added a tablespoon of gram flour / besan to the chicken marinade and combine well. Heat a non stick tawa or pan and grill them until the chicken becomes tender. Set aside. (you can grease the tawa / pan with butter if required).
  • Now heat 2 table spoon of butter in a deep bottomed wok. Add ginger and garlic chopped (or ginger garlic paste ). Saute until raw smell disappears over low flame.
  • To this, add chopped onion and saute until golden.
  • Now add the chili powder and garam masala. Mix well
  • When onion is done, add the tomato puree to it. Cook well until mushy. (blend the chopped tomatoes to get puree)
  • When done, add the grilled chicken tikka cubes and combine very well. Cook well for 10 minutes over a medium low flame until the chicken is well coated in the gravy.
  • Now add milk and cream mixture (combine well milk and cream in a bowl). Add sugar and check for salt.
  • Simmer for 5 minutes or until a thick consistency.
  • Garnish with chopped cilantro or coriander leaves.
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