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Banana fritters / pazham pori / yethakkappam is the traditional malabar snack which is easily available in roadside food stalls of Kerala or in restaurants as an evening snack. Pazhampori / yethakkappam with a nice cup of tea makes me feel nostalgic. That reminds me of those rainy days, school days, tea stalls / thattukada, my sweet home and of course my mom. It was a pleasant feel to enjoy those rain drops along with something hot to eat. We will be thinking that why restaurant or tea stall style banana fritters or pazham pori is more tasty with crispy coating outside with soft inside?. The answer is very simple. 

pazham pori restaurant style ethakkappam banana fritters

kerala snack teastall pazhampori thattukada pazhampori

For making perfect restaurant style pazhampori or thattukada style pazhampori, few things are to noted. Though the recipe for banana fritters is too simple and quick, the ingredients must be of right quantity or else results in the hard pazhampori . Firstly, you have to use ripe banana (do not use over ripe banana). Secondly, you have to blend all those ingredients in a blender instead of mixing with hand. Thirdly, The batter must be smooth and thick. That is, the batter should not be watery but must be thick like idli batter. Fourthly, The oil must be hot enough, that is while you drop in the battered plantain to the hot oil it must puff up immediately. But once hot, make the flame medium low to avoid burnt fritters. 
For making pazham pori or yethakkappam, nenthrapazham or yethakka is used. You can make Wheat flour banana fritters for a healthy version. Here i used maida or all purpose flour for making this delicious sweet dish . Some uses egg while making the batter to make a soft banana fry. But in real , egg is not at all needed for making soft crispy banana fritters. So here is the recipe for making perfect banana fritters or pazhampori / eggless banana fritters recipe / South Indian cuisine / ethakkappam /Kerala snacks / plantain recipes / traditional malabar snacks / fried banana recipe /recipe for banana fritters /banana recipes .
Recipe for wheat for pazham pori / ethakkappam / banana fritters - Click here

tasty perfect banana fritters restaurant style evening snack malabar recipe

INGREDIENTS (can make 6 banana fritters with this batter)

Plantain /nenthrapazham   - 1 , (yethakka), ripe
All purpose flour / maida   - 1 cup
Sugar                            - one third of that cup (can add more or less)
Salt                                      - to taste
Cardamom                           - 2 nos
Rice powder                         - one fourth of that cup (quarter cup)
Turmeric powder                  - half tsp (for yellowish color)
Water                                     - half a cup or more 
Baking soda / cooking soda  - quarter tsp
Oil for deep frying


  • Take the blender. Add quarter cup of water and then add all purpose flour, sugar, salt, cardamom, rice powder, turmeric powder and again quarter cup of water. Grind it to a smooth batter. (adding water before the dry ingredients avoids sticking the flour to the blender.)
  • Add more water  if required for smooth grinding but do no not add too much water while grinding. We need a thick smooth batter consistency. Grinding these ingredients in blender helps to get a soft and puffed banana fritters. 
  • When done, pour it to a big bowl. Now add baking soda and mix well with a spoon.
  • Take a deep bottomed wide pan or wok. Heat oil for deep frying and make the flame medium.
  • Now cut each plantain / nenthrapazham / yethakka into 4 or 5 long slices. OR you can half the plantain and then make small slices, so that u can make more fritters.
  • The oil must be medium hot  while dropping the battered banana. 
  • Take a banana slice / plantain slice, dip completely in the thick batter and drop in to the hot oil. It will puff up immediately if the oil is at right temperature. Lower the flame if the oil is more hot. Flip over after few minutes . Fry on both sides.
  • Drain it to a paper towel.
  • Serve hot along with black tea. 
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