Sunday, April 28, 2019



So again am back with yet another pudding recipe without chinagrass and gelatin. Kulfi Pudding is one of my favorite party pudding recipe which I love to make to impress my guests. The frozen dessert Kulfi is very similar to icecream in taste and texture. But it is denser and creamier. Kulfi icecream was my favorite in my school days which comes in different flavors like malai kulfi, mango kulfi, pistachio kulfi, elachi kulfi etc. Yeah, kulfi is an Indian style icecream which is not churned. So for all those kulfi lovers, here is a yummy dessert which tastes same like kulfi but with different texture. Yeah, it is the kulfi pudding, one of our favorite pudding  recipes. A fantastic dessert to serve your guests even you are in a hurry. Soo easy to whip up this dessert and this pudding calls for simple ingredients too. Cornflour is the ingredient which is added for setting this pudding.



Milk     - 3.5 cups
Sugar    - 3/4 cup
Milkpowder - quarter a cup
Cardamom - 3 nos, crushed 
Almonds chopped - quarter a cup or can add less
Pistachios chopped - as required
Cornflour - 3 tbsp
Badam essence - 2 drops


Please watch the recipe showing How to make kulfi pudding

  • Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Bring it to boil and then simmer until it has reduced down to half of its volume. 
  • Keep stirring continuously and then add sugar, chopped nuts, crushed cardamom, milkpowder mixture ( combine milkpowder and water until creamy texture ). 
  • Stir until everything is well combined.
  • Then simmer over a low heat, add the badam essence and then the cornflour mixture ( mix together cornflour and water in a bowl.)
  • Stirring continuously until it thickens. 
  • Transfer it to a pudding tray. 
  • Sprinkle some chopped nuts over it. 
  • Refrigerate it for 6 hours or until it sets.
  • After 6 hours....our yummy creamy kulfi pudding will be ready to serve.