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Serve your guest with this tasty impressive appetizer. This chicken skewers wrapped with thin  potato slice is a simple creative yet delectable party appetizer recipe. Trust me, i highly recommend you to try this chicken skewers recipe. I am bound to tired after trying the same chicken skewer recipes all the time. Get bored of chicken curry recipes, roasted chicken and of course the baked and grilled chicken recipes. But it is pretty damn good when we try something creative and impressive with this bird. Those who love creative cooking must try this for sure. This is a  wonderful way to serve chicken skewers and is pretty easy too. This chicken recipe isn't just for adults, you can make this for your kids as they are a great finger food lovers. They love the combination of french fries and chicken to the core.  Though the wrapping process is time consuming, it tastes really good and worth trying .It resembles the bacon wrapped chicken.  Here cubed chicken pieces( preferably chicken breast) are marinated and then skewered. Later it is wrapped with thin layers of potato slices. You can slice the potato  with the help of vegetable slicer. And then deep fried. Recently i happened to see a face book video of the same recipe. I was really impressed after watching that video and immediately tried the same for my family.  An awesome recipe and i really enjoyed making this deep fried chicken skewers. Here is the recipe showing how to make chicken wrapped with potato skewers / easy appetizer ideas /simple party appetizers /recipes for chicken breast / chicken and potatoes recipes /easy dinner party ideas.
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Chicken breast                          - 2 medium sized, 100 g
White onion                               - cubed, as required 
Potato                           - 1, big, make thin long slice for wrapping
Oil for deep frying
Bamboo skewers small (i cut the ends of long skewers to make them small)

Chili powder or Cayenne pepper  - 1 tsp
Pepper powder                               - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder                            - half tsp
Coriander powder                          - half tsp
Soy sauce                                        - 1 tbsp


  • Wash the chicken breast and pat dry. Cut them into small cubes. Preferably thin cubes . Check the image. 
  • Marinate it with all the ingredients given under for marination and set aside.
  • Now skewer the marinated chicken along cubed onion. Set aside.
  • Wash and peel the potato using a vegetable peeler.
  • Now cut  the potato in a circular motion using the vegetable peeler and make thin long potato slice (less width). It needs patience and little tricky too. So do not worry if it broken in between, you can adjust it while wrapping. You can also slice it  very thinly using a sharp knife instead.
  • Wrap the skewered chicken with this lengthy potato slice with care. You can wrap with two lengthy potato slice, if the slice is too thin. No need of seasoning for potato slice .( Once we fried, wrapped potato tastes more delicious than chicken.)
  • Heat oil in a frying pan (for deep frying).
  • Fry this chicken skewers over a medium flame until done (less than 8 minutes). Flip gently only when one side is done.
  • Do not fry over a high flame as it will burn the wrapped potato from outside leaving uncooked inside.
  • When done, drain the excess oil and serve hot this juicy  soft chicken skewers along with some dipping sauce or with ghee rice, pulao, fried rice etc
  • It is really yummy. A must try recipe.

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